think project! events

We offer our current and prospective customers a range of events throughout each year. The focus of all is to exchange information between us and the participants. 

These events are hosted at multiple locations in the respective national language. You can find an overview of upcoming events on your local think project! website events page: 



think project! Round Table | Breakfast Session

Imparting ‘best practice’ is foremost at our series of Round Table and Breakfast Session events. Kick-off presentations tackle changing topics, illustrated through practical examples. Participants then have the opportunity to present and discuss their own perspectives. Together, concepts and solutions are discussed to best support the entire project lifecycle and help make the processes of individual project partners more efficient. 

These free half-day events occur several times throughout the year in various countries and cities. 

Some good reasons to participate 

  • Ideas for optimising the use of think project! 
  • Tangible practical examples 
  • Expert discussions and information exchanges with other participants
  • The opportunity to get to know think project! better

Who should attend?

  • Anyone faced with the decision of whether to implement a project collaboration platform 
  • Existing users who would like to understand new ways of working with think project!

think project! Administrator Workshop

Through presentations, live demos and discussion panels, our Administrator Workshops offer the perfect setting to deepen your knowledge. The focus is on the technical possibilities of think project!. They are also a great opportunity to become involved in the community and profit from one another’s experience. 

This free full-day event is held annually in Germany and assumes ‘administrator knowledge’. 

Some good reasons to participate

  • Learning innovative ways of using think project! 
  • Deepening your knowledge of the technical possibilities (such as tips on configuration) 
  • Exchange of information and ideas with other users
  • Insights into the think project! product roadmap

Who should attend?

  • Users with experience in the configuration of think project!
  • Users who advise and support their colleagues in using think project!

think project! Construction Site Study Trip

As well as presentation and discussion formats, we also offer onsite study trips under the guidance of subject matter experts. With a small group of industry experts, we visit interesting construction projects across Austria and are provided with exclusive insights into their work processes.

Free half-day study trips occur annually in Austria.

Some good reasons to participate

  • The exchange of information with project and site managers
  • Insight into the live operations of think project!
  • Examples of potential areas for optimisation of construction execution 

Who should attend?

  • Anyone faced with the decision of whether to implement a collaboration solution
  • Existing think project! users who wish to understand potential ways of working with the platform 

think project! Seminar

Our Seminars are intended for those faced with the decision of whether to implement a collaboration solution, and anyone with an interest in the potential benefits. They provide an introduction to the functions of think project!. Tangible advantages of a cross-enterprise collaboration solution are illustrated by practical examples, to show how it can be introduced within your own company and further expanded together with the think project! team.

Seminars are held regularly in various locations.

Some good reasons to participate

  • Insights into the functions and benefits of a project collaboration solution
  • Tips on implementation and further development  
  • New ideas for achieving your project cost, time and quality objectives
  • The opportunity to pose questions and hold discussions with members of your local think project! team 

Who should attend?

  • Anyone faced with the decision of whether to implement a collaboration solution
  • Private and public sectors
  • Construction contractors, developers, project managers and planners
  • Managing directors, divisional and departmental managers
  • Project leaders and project team members

Event representative

Eike Wunder

Eike Wunder
Field Marketing Manager Germany