Why think project!?

In think project! you’ll discover a competent and reliable partner to will work at your side to ensure the success of your projects.

When you choose think project! you are choosing

  • A flexible and easily-adapted solution and
  • A team of specialists who will precisely implement your individual requirements.

Our implementation specialists are engineers, architects and software experts who will support you from Day 1 with their numerous years of industry experience. Our strength lies in making personal consultation our central focus, and implementing your requests quickly and efficiently.  

Why cross-enterprise collaboration?

Projects, products and services are constantly increasing in complexity. Competition is becoming tougher, while markets demand greater quality in a shorter amount of time and at a reduced cost – increasing the demand for agile companies with integrated structures, capable of adapting flexibly to changing requirements. Our customers appreciate this, and seek their project partners accordingly. This merging of a range of competencies towards a specific goal is the key to success. However, this can only occur when all project partners collaborate effectively.

think project! creates the optimal foundation for effective cross-enterprise collaboration.

Who uses think project!?

  • Customers in construction and engineering
  • Customers from over 20 sectors, including the construction, energy and automotive industries, and local, state and federal government
  • Industrial clients, investors, project developers, project managers, architects, engineering firms, large and mid-sized construction contractors
  • Successful international customers with projects in over 40 countries
  • 100,000 users across 8,000 projects

think project! from the customer‘s perspective

In our ‘Expert Exchange’ magazine, you can read how think project! is specifically used in projects. With practical examples from their projects our
customers illustrate why they chose think project! and what the platform offers them in terms of added value.

Magazine Expert Exchange