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Construction 4.0

While other industries are already talking about the fourth industrial revolution caused by digitalisation (“Industry 4.0”) and taking note of how disruptive digital technologies can be for existing markets, stakeholders in construction are still a bit more cautious, because the actual impact of digitalisation on the industry is not yet absolutely clear. This is a very understandable situation since the construction industry has always worked a bit differently. For example, the drivers behind former industrial revolutions, mass production and standardisation, are difficult to achieve in construction due to the unique nature of the industry.

How can digitalisation in construction be achieved in such a challenging context? It is clear that the construction industry needs to find its own way in the digital revolution. Some companies have started walking down this path, establishing themselves as digital pioneers, but many still hesitate to fully commit to a digital strategy. This whitepaper aims to help you find your way, because Construction 4.0 is the future.

Construction 4.0 - about the whitepaper

Table of content

  • Gives an overview of some important terminology and how it is related (Digitalisation, Digitisation, BIM and Construction 4.0)
  • Highlights the impact of digitalisation on construction and names construction-specific benefits
  • Explains how to prepare for digitalisation in your company and names the four essential fields of action

Can I benefit from this digitalisation whitepaper?

  • Are you one of the people who has to drive digitalisation in your company and are looking for inspiration and guidelines? This is your paper.
  • Has your company already embarked on the road to digitalisation and you want to be part of the discussion? This paper can help you.

This is what you get:

  • A 10-pages paper
  • Free of charge
  • Reading time: 7 minutes
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