A4 Ost Autobahn (motorway)

General refurbishment of the A 4 Autobahn Ost

The existing four kilometre stretch of motorway between Schwechat and Vienna Airport will be completely redeveloped.

Project profile

In 2013 the Department of Transportation together with the provinces of Burgenland and Niederösterreich decided to implement a four step safety package, which will see more than 60 kilometres of the A 4 Autobahn Ost renewed to make it safer and more convenient for the daily flow of tens of thousands of commuters. The project will last until the year 2023. 

The four kilometre traffic hub between Schwechat and Vienna Airport will be thoroughly reconstructed. The asset owner ASFiNAG will invest approximately 13 million Euro in this project. STRABAG was awarded a 9.5 million Euro share of the contract. The reconstruction will include the upgrading and resurfacing of the main routes, and the repair of crash barriers and a total of four bridges. To ensure maintained adequate traffic flow, each lane will be reconstructed separately. This transnational infrastructural project supports the economic region of eastern Austria while creating sustainable jobs.

The think project! Photo app will provide verifiable documentation 

STRABAG uses the app for defect management but also as a monitoring tool for construction equipment hired out during the project. The equipment is screened to avoid unjustified claims for previous damages. 

Possible damages are documented and the leasing agent will be informed.

In addition, STRABAG uses the app for surveying, recording structural damage, site documentation and monitoring the machinery.

Facts & Figures (Project) 

  • Four kilometres of reconstruction work
  • Investment volume: 13 million Euro (STRABAG 75%)

Results achieved 

  • Compensation for faulty machinery cannot be claimed

Modules & services utilised

  • Photo management
  • Document management


Transport & Logistics
Project type
Asset owner/ Client
Contract partner
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Defect Management (Acceptance / Warranty)

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