Apartment Building, Lindengasse

New building featuring 103 owner-occupied apartments

STRABAG is constructing 103 new apartments at Lindengasse 48-52.

Project profile

In February 2017, the former “Kurierhaus“ was demolished by the owner STRABAG Real Estate GmbH. Subsequently, construction of the new building started in September 2017. 

The building comprises 103 private apartments sized between 50 and 230 square metres each. The construction of the apartment block is expected to take two years.

Special request management for customers 

In consultation with STRABAG Real Estate, think project!  configured a customised solution for the special request management of potential buyers.

Individual processes such as requests, design changes, offers and billing are structured, documented and organised on the platform according to any desired criteria. Advantages here include the transparency of cost development, the coordination of construction companies as well as the centralised location-independent documentation of all special requests of potential buyers.

Facts & Figures

  • Contract volume: 27 million Euros
  • Block with a total of 103 apartments
  • Opening: 2019


  • Centralising the documentation for special requests
  • Minimising the flood of emails
  • Providing transparency for change requests


  • Digital drawing approval
  • Digitalisation of special request management
  • Time and location-independent access to the project data
  • All customer requests and changes are documented and transparent

Applied modules & services

  • Drawing management + QR code
  • Special request management
  • Document management


Real Estate
Project type
Building Construction
Asset owner/ Client
RE Wohnraum GmbH
Contract partner
STRABAG Real Estate
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