Bruckner Tower

The new Bruckner Tower is being built in the north of Linz on the site of the former Bruckner University.

New high-rise building with a wide range of living, working and educational facilities

Project profile

With a height of 98 metres and 31 storeys, the Bruckner Tower offers space for 357 apartments with a size of around 32 - 140 m2. Two schools and a parking garage can also be accommodated in the striking building.

The Bruckner Tower is being built in a prime location with good infrastructure. A low-energy construction method will be applied. The tower will also be barrier-free.

The school and kindergarten are accommodated in the transparent base of the tower. In addition to the inner courtyard and the two forecourts, a generous green space is also planned on the rooftops.

The new Bruckner Tower was designed by AllesWirdGut mit Hertl.Architekten. 

Our client L-Bau-Engineering already uses think project! as its standard platform. For this challenging project, the company also relies on the support of think project!. In addition to drawing, document, and minutes management, the complex managment of residential units was also digitised.

Digitised and automated managment of residential units

In order to not get lost in the jungle of administering residential units, a corresponding management tool has been configured in think project!.

Necessary information such as changes, allocations, invoices, owner information for each apartment are brought together centrally and are immediately available at the push of a button.

The process-guided approach minimises sources of error and saves valuable time.

Facts & Figures (Project):

  • Storeys: 31 
  • Height: 98 metres
  • Opening: Spring 2021
  • Contract volume: ca. 48,5 million Euro
  • Total floor area: 40.500 m²


  • Digitising the management of housing units
  • Coordinate appartment sales and respective buyers
  • Ensure complete documentation
  • Keep a clear overview

Results achieved:

  • Instantaneous information about sales status
  • Quick listing of customers with current addresses and purchase price(s)
  • Exact allocation of (several) cellar compartments and (several) TG parking spaces
  • Clear overview of contracts
  • Overview of changes to the basic equipment and the resulting additional costs
  • Import of data via document list, i.e. several or all available residential units are constantly updated with a previously created document list.
  • Easy maintenance of datasets
  • Complete and transparent documentation
  • Auditing

Used modules & services

  • Managment of residential units
  • Minutes managment
  • Document filing incl. quality inspection
  • Cost planning and cost monitoring
  • Drawing management
  • Mailing within the collaboration platform


Real Estate
Project type
Building Construction
Asset owner/ Client
Bruckner Immobilien Entwicklungs GmbH
Contract partner
VAMED Vitality World - Thermal bath Laa
New Fire Station
Residing at Kirchplatz
Apartment Building, Lindengasse
Galeria Północna
Desalination Plant Tuas 3
A4 Ost Autobahn (motorway)
Miguillas hydroelectric power plants
Defect Management (Acceptance / Warranty)

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