Miguillas hydroelectric power plants

Energy from water

Isolux Corsán awarded Ayesa a contract for the basic and detail engineering for the Miguillas hydroelectric power project in Bolivia. The project is being executed for the Public Bolivian Electricity Corporation (ENDE) and comprises the construction of two new plants, Umapalca and Palillada. The total estimated investment amounts to around 361 million euros.

Project profile

This project will contribute to the further development of Bolivia, increasing its electric potential by 15% and ensuring supply throughout the Andean highland country. 
The contractor Isolux Corsán, and the two engineering companies involved, Ayesa and TSK, are responsible for the final design of construction, civil works, supply of equipment, installation, testing and commissioning of both plants. To centralise management of this challenging project, they decided to use think project!.

Facts & Figures

  • Two hydroelectric power stations: Umapalca and Palillada
  • Capacity increase to 205 MW 
  • Estimated project volume: 361 million euros


  • Great complexity of the project
  • Coordination of multiple project partners at different locations
  • Volume of documentation generated

Results achieved

  • Agility in reviewing and approving
  • Improved project control
  • Transparent structured information
  • Accurate distribution of documentation
  • Collaboration between different companies on a single platform

Used modules & services

  • Document Management
  • Communication Management

“The centralisation of information throughout the project and its appropriate distribution is critical in highly complex projects like this” - Antonio Jesús Díaz García, Head of Hydraulic Works, Isolux Corsán

“think project! is a platform for quick and easy distribution, review and control of large volumes of documentation.” - Miguel Molina Iniesta, Project Coordinator, Ayesa


Power & Water
Project type
Plant construction
Asset owner/ Client
Contract partner
Isolux Corsán/Ayesa
VAMED Vitality World - Thermal bath Laa
Bruckner Tower
New Fire Station
Residing at Kirchplatz
Apartment Building, Lindengasse
Galeria Północna
Desalination Plant Tuas 3
A4 Ost Autobahn (motorway)
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