Residing at Kirchplatz

Calm living in Vienna’s suburbs

The project „Residing at Kirchplatz“ in Vösendorf next to Vienna will be realised within 2.224 square metres containing three buildings.

Project profile

24 freehold and investment apartments will be built on three floors (ground floor, 1st floor, attic floor). 48 parking spaces including ancillary areas and storage rooms will be built in the basement. The apartments provide between 45 and 130 square meters of space and have either a private garden including a terrace or a balcony. These apartments are facing the inner courtyard or the Petersbach. The spacious inner courtyard offers the future residents not only sufficient green space, but also opportunities for children to play.

EYEMAXX has worked with an Explorer folder-structure and the Outlook e-mail so far to organise projects. This solution was not satisfactory for the company. By working separately in both systems, it was not easy to maintain an overview and transparency of the entire project communication. In addition, EYEMAXX has various company locations that should be merged digitally.

think project! for workflow optimisation 

think project! will initially be used in two projects. For the time being, the focus will be on document and drawing management as well as on the app think project! Photo.

Facts & Figures 

  • Area: 2.224 m2
  • Net area: 2.060 m2
  • Number of units / parking spaces: 24/48
  • Opening: first quarter/2019


  • Optimise conventional internal organisation 
  • Central documentation for all locations
  • Replacement of Outlook
  • Eliminate e-mail flood
  • Create transparency of communication.
  • Achieve traceability of document versioning and current status
  • Involvement of externals should be possible
  • Realise outside access

Results achieved

  • Access for EYEMAXX to the project data any time and place
  • All participants document their achievements in think project!
  • Development of a standardised document structure for EYEMAXX

Used modules & services


  • Drawing management
  • Document management
  • App think project! Photo


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Building Construction
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