VAMED Vitality World - Thermal bath Laa

Thermal bath Laa – Claims efficiently managed

Thermal bath Laa expansion, including the ‘Silent Spa’ completed construction whilst still in full operation.

Project profile

In Northern Weinviertel the latest extension of Thermal bath Laa, was opened. Starting December 2016, construction took 17 months including full maintenance operations.

The expansion includes the unique ‘Silent Spa’, containing a floatable tower, a cascade fountain with waterfall and three new exclusive relaxation oases.  A lounge with bar, restaurant and terrace was also built, as well as several sauna facilities. Development also included adventure zones, plus a lounging area in the countryside with an outdoor pool. To ensure that the costs and schedule were not exceeded, VAMED worked with think project! for the duration.  

The think project! Cross-Enterprise Collaboration Platform was used for document storage and distribution, as well as contract and drawing management throughout the project. 

Efficient Claim Management

Structured project management is important to VAMED. Any claims by suppliers during the project had to be reported, checked and processed. For larger construction projects, such as the Thermal bath Laa, this task can become time-consuming and admin-heavy.

think project! was commissioned to create an efficient and process-driven claim management system.

The platform made it possible to record claims promptly and in a structured manner. Claims were automatically forwarded to the responsible parties with appropriate statuses provided to release them for order placement. 

All processes were documented in a comprehensive manner, which lead to any deviations in the service descriptions being immediately visible. These could then be quickly checked, and unjustified claims were rejected with explanation.

Facts & Figures (Project)

  • Reconstruction and expansion
  • The core area of the spa is the unique Silent Spa
  • approx. 3,600 m2 new usable area 

Used modules and services

  • Document storage and distribution
  • Drawing management
  • Claim management


Hotel & Tourism
Project type
Building Construction
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Contract partner
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Bruckner Tower
New Fire Station
Residing at Kirchplatz
Apartment Building, Lindengasse
Galeria Północna
Desalination Plant Tuas 3
A4 Ost Autobahn (motorway)
Miguillas hydroelectric power plants
Defect Management (Acceptance / Warranty)

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