Best fit solutions for engineering and industrial construction projects

think project! addresses the key challenges of asset owners, contractors and engineering companies in industrial construction and engineering (energy, resources and other utilities) projects, such as:

  • Pressure to deliver projects in time, on budget and to a high quality;
  • Growing complexity driven by exacting regulatory and contractual requirements (e.g. for EPC contracts);
  • Multiple stakeholders with a variety of interests to consider, particularly in JVs;
  • Ineffective communication and lack of access to necessary, up-to-date information;
  • Vast amount of data generated along the project lifecycle.

We support you in reducing time, costs and risks in project management by creating a common data environment (CDE) facilitating cross-enterprise project collaboration and ensuring real-time availability and analysis of data across multiple touchpoints and devices.

Our solutions are based on cutting-edge technology and accompanied by industry expert consulting and services.

Exemplary best fit solutions along the project lifecycle


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Project stakeholders and their key challenges