Breakfast session for key users in Nieuwegein, 11 February

This breakfast session was primarily organised for key users. Paul Koops, Technical Account Manager, kicked off by outlining the improvements and adaptations the release of think project! Version 8 will bring.

Breakfast session in Nieuwegein, 13 October

“think project! integrates process management with DMS and makes a connection with System Engineering software at the same time. This way, the platform structures all communication and information in a construction project.”

Breakfast Session in Nieuwegein, Netherlands

On September 8, nearly 20 participants showed up to the think project! breakfast session, curious to hear new insights from the team.



think project! at the Association of Water Desalination and Reusing Event

think project! Spain joined the event organised by the Association of Water Desalination and Reusing on 17th June. The main topic was innovations in new materials and products for water desalination and reuse.

Breakfast Session in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Over 20 participants accepted the personal invitation to join this well attended breakfast session on April 23. The majority were project managers and executive directors from construction companies.

Round Table 2014 in Madrid, Spain

Last year’s Round Table in Madrid focused on how cross-enterprise collaboration platforms such as think project! can optimise a range of processes in construction projects.