think project! Version 8

Project information must not only be easily accessible, but also be displayed in a way that one can quickly and conveniently gain an overview. think project! version 8 comes packed with many features enabling exactly that.

QR codes bring think project! Defect Management Module on-site

Appropriately positioned QR codes can inform all relevant contractors about defects needing rectification – right at your construction site.

Clear and concise defect management with think project!

Defects are inevitable on every large construction project. Thanks to the Defect Management Module you can capture them directly on site and then manage their remediation transparently.

Basic user manual for working successfully with think project!

A comprehensive user manual detailing the standard functions of think project! is now also available as a downloadable PDF file.

Freely-designable reports now also integrate images

With Crystal Reports Service, images can now be integrated into reports. Individual documents can be enriched with photos saved in think project! – for example in the course of defect management.