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Mobile Capture app

The Mobile Capture App closes the gap between events on site and processes within think project! The app is available for both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices. It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and can be installed at no cost. The app enables mobile capture of data including on-site photographs, videos, voice recordings and text – letting you capture everything on site and transferring it directly to the project workflow, without additional effort.


  • Mobility without the need for an internet connection
  • Saving of captured data to think project! by clicking on ‘synchronise’ when an internet connection becomes available
  • Direct integration of data into your workflows
  • Time savings, without the need to capture information twice or subsequently organise data (such as allocating photographs to a defect)
  • Images are immediately filed in a structured format, for example by location or trade, with attached comments
  • Increased quality of site management, for example through early identification and rapid response to defects
  • Immediately visible documentation, for example construction progress for viewing by a remote client

Use Cases

  • Capture of defects, including text, voice and images, integrated within the   think project! Defect Management Module
  • Taking photographs that are immediately organised, for example according to building sections or rooms, then integrated with the   think project! Photo Documentation Module
  • Documentation of anomalies during a site visit, for example support for claims against construction interruptions and damage
  • Support for logistical tasks via the capture of stock inventories, such as  stockpiling of prefabricated construction components
  • Documentation of construction execution as evidence of standards attained, such as fire protection
  • Support for creation of non-conformity reports
  • Proof of work stoppage time due to poor weather conditions

Customer service representative

Harald Schäffler

Harald Schäffler
Technical Account Manager

Additional apps

Apps are small programmes used on mobile devices, tailored for specific tasks. Importantly, steps in work processes completed using apps are seamlessly embedded within the think project! backend. We are always open to creating useful new apps – just give us your ideas for ways they could support your own processes!