think project! Collaboration Cloud

think project! = trusted

The think project! Collaboration Cloud is a ‘Trusted Cloud’.

Our software and your data are not located at an anonymous cloud provider, but are held within our own ISO 27001-certified data centres in Germany. We ensure smooth project management operations by delivering the best-possible performance and data security. Our sizeable team of cloud specialists continually monitors both software and hardware, applying security patches as well as checking and securing backups. As we are constantly growing, we also conduct regular upgrades of our network and storage capacity – investing hundreds of thousands of Euros in the development and maintenance of our infrastructure each year.

think project! Security Concept PDF

Importance of information security

Our business success, like that of our customers, is highly dependent on efficient and accessible information processing. Information security is therefore critical, and an integral part of the think project! strategy. The Information Security Management System (ISMS) deployed by think project! GmbH and think project! GmbH & Co. KG covers all products, services and corporate processes, and is certified according to the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

think project! Information Security Policy PDF

ISO/IEC 27001 Certificate PDF

Cloud representative

Jochen Maurer

Jochen Maurer
Head of Product Management

Information security representative

Peter Mezger

Peter Mezger
Head of Finance & Controlling