Quality cars for China

In Shenyang, about 700 kilometres east of Beijing, BMW is currently planning the construction of a new production plant.

To optimise communication and information across this international project, BMW opted to use online project collaboration platform think project!.

BMW has already used think project! in several of its national projects, collaborating with the think project! team to develop a standard platform for its construction management. During this project, only slight modifications were required, ensuring that participants with previous experience of the online project collaboration platform would find it easy to navigate their way through this very new project.

Internationally networked

think project! is primarily used for design and document management. Moreover, variations and additional costs are managed via a workflow in think project!. All quotations received from contractors are saved within the platform in electronic form, and the corresponding approval processes and status specifications are defined and can be viewed at any stage.

Multilingual interface

An additional advantage for BMW is that the platform allows users to work in their own languages. In this project each participant is able to select German, English or Chinese as their interface language.


Shenyang/ ChinaBMW plant

Project typePlant construction
ClientBMW AG
CustomerBMW AG
LocationGoogle Maps