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© Lidek Engineering

Tradition get a new edge

The construction of a multi-functional cultural centre in the centre of Tyumen, capital of Siberia, will create an important icon for the city and deliver benefits to the entire region.

As responsible project controller, Russian company LIDEK Engineering decided to use think project! – primarily for its ability to map typical Russian accounting processes.

Special processes in Russia

KS2 and KS3 are standard forms used in Russia to reflect work performed or materials ordered − and the corresponding costs accrued over a specific period between different project members. These forms are intended to ensure that only services that are specifically defined in the contract are billed for.

These forms must be created monthly between LIDEK Engineering and the client, as well as between LIDEK Engineering and its subcontractors. They combine several invoices per contract partner and must be submitted regularly to the Russian tax authorities. As services are rendered, several versions of each form are created, which must all be checked on an ongoing basis.

Approval and delivery of the forms is mapped within think project!

think project! can be used for the approval of different form versions, while enabling the delivery of the forms to the client and sub-contractors – also enabling us to check compliance with submission deadlines for the forms.


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