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Through the middle of Berlin

Existing underground train lines U 5 and U 55 will shortly follow a single route – the new U 5. Under a 433 million euro contract for the German federal government and the state of Berlin, the Berlin transport authority (BVG) is building three new underground stations – and over two kilometres of tunnel – directly beneath Berlin’s historic centre. This will close a gap by extending the U 5 from Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg Gate, where it will merge with the already completed U 55.

Construction of the 2.2 kilometre stretch between the U 5 and U 55 will mostly be conducted underground using the shield tunnel method. Shield tunnelling machines are huge ‘moles’ that burrow invisibly under the ground to dig a trench and create tunnel walls. On completion in 2019, the new section will be 22 kilometres long, serve 26 stations and transport around 155,000 passengers a day.

In projects as complex as this, there are high demands on information flow, exchange of designs and documents between those involved, and the backup and archiving of data. BVG decided to use think project! to help meet legal compliance, audit security and traceability of all activities related to the project.


Berlin/ GermanyExtension of underground line U 5

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