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Expansion of electricity supply

In 2007, E.ON acquired the BGRES-3 lignite-fired power station situated in Eastern Siberia, Russia, and subsequently decided to further expand the power station.

During the Soviet era, eight identical lignite-fired power station units were originally planned for the site, with each unit providing 800 Megawatts (MW) of power. Units 1 and 2 were put into service in 1988 and 1991 respectively. Over the following years, work on unit 3 proceeded, however it was suspended during the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Meanwhile, industrial growth in Eastern Siberia has led to increased demand for electricity, strengthening the need for the construction of additional power stations.

E.ON acquired the Berezovskaya power station in 2007, with the intention of resuming its expansion. The project commenced in 2011 under the management of E.ON New Build & Technology (ENT) in collaboration with E.ON Russia. Total project investment amounts to around 1 billion euros, with commissioning planned for 2014.

think project! supports project communications

As ENT's standard solution for all its new power plant construction projects, think project! is also used in the construction of the Berezovskaya power station.

The project platform supports the central organisation of all correspondence between ENT in Germany, E.ON Russia, as well as Russian general contractor and personnel at the local construction site. Each of the approximately 15,000 letters is managed as a task via think project! until it is completed or answered.

Quality control of plans and documents is also processed via the platform. The general contractor sends document packages to E.ON for the formal checking. As soon as the documents are approved the general contractor uploads them to the platform. Following special implemented rules in think project! the documents are distributed automatically to the responsible approver in the E.ON project organisation.

think project! is used in German, English and Russian language. A major benefit is that the complete graphical user interface including individual filters, document properties and value lists could be implemented in the three project languages. On this basis each project member can work in their preferred language setting.


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