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The Porsche experience

For a number of years, German sports car manufacturer Porsche has offered its customers an opportunity to experience the feeling of driving a Porsche ‘firsthand’.

In Driving Experience Centres, participants can complete driving programmes featuring varying road conditions with a wide range of technical vehicle equipment. The focus is on improving driving skills and offering the ultimate Porsche driving experience.

The Driving Experience Centres combine customer centres that comprise Porsche exhibition spaces, restaurants and panoramic terraces with a custom-made driving course, enabling visitors to personally experience special technical features of the vehicles. The driving experience takes place under optimum conditions with specially trained Porsche instructors, offering much more than a simple test drive with a car dealer.

The emphasis here is on factors such as driving dynamics, safety and driving enjoyment. Different vehicle equipment and extras like ceramic brakes, dual clutch transmission, stability systems or all-wheel drive can be directly compared and experienced. It’s possible to test a wide range of road conditions in the Driving Experience Centres – from bumpy country roads through to wet or icy roads. There is also an offroad area for the Porsche Cayenne.

In addition to a Driving Experience Centre in Leipzig, Porsche opened a second centre close to the world-famous Silverstone race track in the heart of the United Kingdom around three years ago. A further two centres are currently under construction in the United States and one in Shanghai.

think project! as a standard solution

For several years, Porsche has used the online project collaboration platform think project! for all its domestic and international building projects.


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