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The Province of Zeeland is working constructively towards its future by developing the region alongside the Ghent-Terneuzen canal.

Commissioned by the BV Kanaalkruising Sluiskil (BV KKS), the Combinatie BAM-TBI (CBT), a consortium comprising BAM Civiel, Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau, Croon Elektrotechniek and Mobilis, has been working on the construction of the Sluiskil Tunnel under the canal since early 2011.

The tunnel consists of a pair of tubes, each 1.3 kilometres long, to connect the eastern and western banks of the canal. Adjoining roads will also be upgraded to enlarge their existing capacity, with the construction of fly-overs and a fast link to the A58 motorway to the north and the Belgian road system to the south.

A significant benefit of the tunnel is that it will put an end to long waiting times to cross the existing bridge over the canal at Sluiskil. This bridge has to open for shipping around 23 times a day – for a total of over five hours – resulting in huge holdups for road traffic. A further reason the Province of Zeeland is building the tunnel is to support planned economic expansion of the region around Terneuzen.

A single platform for all project partners

The construction consortium Combinatie BAM-TBI (CBT) and its client, BV Kanaalkruising Sluiskil (BV KKS), decided to use online collaboration platform think project! for this complex and extensive project. think project! is used for the management of drawings, documents and communications within the consortium and with BV KKS. Plus, BV KKS uses think project! for managing its communications with external advisors.


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