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Optimising work processes

A new car body construction facility is being completed at Volkswagen's site in Bratislava, Slovakia. The project commenced in July 2012 and encompasses an area of 120,000 square metres.

This project is currently the largest construction site for a car body construction plant across the global automotive industry. With an overall investment of approx. 600 million euros, the commencement of operations is planned for the second half of 2014. 

Volkswagen AG decided to use cross-enterprise collaboration solution think project! for this project. Some of the reasons for this decision include the extensive range of offerings towards individually configurable modules and services, as well as the synergies achieved through exchanges with colleagues from Audi. The Audi automotive group already uses think project! and was involved with the plant planning on this project. An additional – and significant – advantage of the web-based platform is the immediate access to all information via the internet.

Plans and project documents are organised via think project! for the car body construction facility project in Bratislava. In order to save time and money on the approval of plans, the entire approval process is executed digitally via the platform. At the conclusion of each approval process, every plan receives a digital stamp to confirm its approval.

The work processes in this project were optimised through clearly defined and structured filing in think project!, as well as through the digital approval process via the platform.


Bratislava/ SlovakiaVolkswagen car body construction facility

Project typePlant construction
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