Bids & Tenders

Tender packages consist of a huge amount of documents that have to be distributed in an organised way to bidders.

Managing processes like bidder pre-qualification or answering bidder questions simultaneously is always a great challenge – on a company level as well as on major projects.

think project! offers you a common data environment, a cloud based platform to manage the distribution of your tender packages efficiently and in a structured manner.

Your advantages

  • Digitise and automate your distribution processes
  • Enable your bidders to directly download, reply and deliver their digital bids
  • Always keep an eye on your bidders` responses

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Structure your digital tender distribution!

  • Structure your documents for tender distribution according to your individual project or company criteria such as subsidiary, type of tender, project type or trade


Keep your project team up to date!

  • Enable project members to deliver their part of the tender documents directly to think project! to ensure the most efficient way to complete the tender package
  • Automatically distribute your tender packages to selected bidders via download links without worrying about file sizes
  • Track tender downloads of your bidders


Optimise your procedures!

  • Choose between simple, standardised and more detailed workflows often required on international projects (e.g. for phases such as bidder pre-qualification, managed RFI processes and final bidder invitation)
  • Offer your bidders automated and structured response opportunities without granting system access
  • Automatically send out reminder or refusal messages

Search & Find

Get the right information instantaneously!

  • Profit from comfortable search options
  • Keep an eye on outstanding and completed bidding packages by displaying download status, deadlines and bidder details


Accentuate your project information!

  • Get statistics and diagrams about bidding behaviour
  • Create reports as a basis for billing within your company or project


Ensure a seamless flow of information!

  • Integrate 3rd party software via our open interface to import your detailed bidder contact lists (e.g. Excel, SAP, Arriba)

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