Contracts by CEMAR

Modern contracts are complex and expensive to administer. Our solution for contract management CEMAR makes sophisticated contract management simple by combining industry-leading knowledge and expertise.

All multi-party projects will use contracts between parties; traditionally these have been managed as paper processes or through electronic document management.  Developed by industry practitioners, CEMAR is focussed on the contractual events and helps unlock value by removing the administrative burden on project teams and mitigating the risk of dispute and litigation.

CEMAR is easily deployed with off the shelf modules for managing standard contracts such as FIDIC and NEC.  FIDIC is a suite of contracts developed by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, favoured by the majority of PPP projects in the EU and most of the infrastructure spending by development banks around the world. NEC is a family of collaborative contracts developed by the Institution of Civil Engineers and mandated for public works in the UK and Hong Kong. 

CEMAR provides the secure and effective audit trail trusted by clients delivering over £75bn of works and services.

Your advantages

  • Simplifies sophisticated contract management for FIDIC, NEC and other forms
  • Achieves true collaboration, promotes trust and supports cultural change
  • Reassurance through secure, rapid-to-deploy, market-leading software
  • Embedded contract knowledge and party-specific intuitive workflows
  • Expands business intelligence with analytics to report across contracts
  • Reduces commercial risk through improved contract compliance

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Keep your project team up to date!

  • Collaborative single truth with shared contract event registers
  • Shared live registers, reports and action reminders promote mutual trust and co-operation
  • Party-sensitive reminders keep teams updated and aware of outstanding actions
  • Teams can delegate and assign actions to other specific members


Optimise your procedures!

  • Intuitive workflows simplify contract procedures and mitigate the chance of errors
  • Use of correct defined and identified terms, verbs, timings and prompts appropriate reasons for decisions and responses
  • Library of configurable templates achieve consistent contractual compliance
  • Exportable PDFs of all correspondence are automatically generated

Search & Find

Get the right information instantaneously!

  • CEMAR system is repository for all contract communications providing a robust audit log for structured approvals and governance
  • Clean interface makes navigating menus and finding what you need quick and easy
  • Keep an eye on outstanding and completed actions with ‘Days to go’ countdowns and RAG status
  • Aggregated reports over a broad range of data sets and behavioural metrics


Ensure a seamless flow of information!

  • Options provided for export, integration and data reconciliation with other software applications
  • CEMAR hosts a secure data warehouse allowing clients to connect via dedicated VPN and gain access to all their raw data
  • Solutions may be rolled out in a staged and progressive way to minimise the operational impact and smooth-out the learning curve of new tools

Mobile on site

Bridge the gap between construction site and the office!

  • CEMAR’s market-leading software is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Founded by industry experts and practitioners’ first-hand need for a solution to the administrative demands of a large construction contract
  • Infrastructure design enhances agility, performance, expansion, resilience and rapid deployment of projects anywhere in the world

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