The development of construction projects is influenced by many factors, including the quality of the work performed, the materials used and weather conditions. All of this means that defects cannot be entirely eliminated, even using the best planning and inspection practices.

Quick elimination of these defects is key to on-time project delivery. In accordance,  detailed documentation is vital to managing potential remedial work or later disputes with other parties over responsibility for incurred costs.

think project! offers you a common data environment, a cloud based platform to store, manage and distribute your defects efficiently and in a structured manner.

Your advantages

  • Profit from a complete defect history throughout your project phases at a glance
  • Standardise your defect correspondence to achieve unity and legal certainty
  • Get an overview of the defect remedy progress performed by subcontractors at the push of a button
  • Shorten communication channels by involving your project participants
  • Ensure high quality of your defect documentation by using field applications for your defect capture directly on site

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Structure your digital defect management!

  • Categorise your defects by adding all relevant information such as description, location, responsibility and costs
  • Accelerate your asset owner and subcontractor correspondence by matching owner or tenant addresses automatically


Keep your project team up to date!

  • Enable responsible project members to view new defects instantly after uploading to think project!
  • Inform project members about pending deadlines automatically
  • Shorten your communication periods by integrating your clients or subcontractors directly into your defect management process


Optimise your procedures!

  • Initiate your workflow simply by uploading new defects or checking defect remedy
  • Include project partners in your defect management process by enabling them to create new defects or to check, reject or confirm current defects

Search & Find

Get the right information instantaneously!

  • Keep an eye on new and outstanding defects by displaying current status and deadlines
  • Review the history of defects at a glance
  • Support your process-oriented task management by using predefined views e.g. all new defects, elapsed deadlines, reported as remedied, rejected from the client etc.


Accentuate your project information!

  • Generate defect letters or reports at the push of a button in PDF or Excel format
  • Ensure the application of your corporate design with customised layouts


Ensure a seamless flow of information!

  • Import several defects with our multi-upload function in just one step
  • Integrate 3rd party software, for instance your enterprise systems via our open interface to import company addresses, tender and order information etc.
  • Allocate defects directly to your BIM models to have all relevant information in one place

Mobile on site

Bridge the gap between construction site and the office!

Use our mobile application think project! Quality on your smartphone and tablet (iOS /Android) to:

  • capture defects with all relevant information including photos and location pins and upload them once an Internet connection is available
  • profit from mobile access with the ability to upload defects directly to think project!

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