Request for Information (RFI)

Requests for Information (RFIs) are typically used in the construction industry to resolve queries relating to project documentation.  No contract, plan, drawing or specification can address every single matter and this may lead to ambiguities or uncertainties which require resolution through a collaborative process. 

The goal of the RFI is to resolve those uncertainties during design, bidding or construction phases avoiding increased costs and time-consuming corrective measures. To efficiently manage RFIs, all requests must be uniformly structured and easily traceable.

think project! offers a Common Data Environment to raise and manage RFIs through a cloud-based platform. 

Your advantages

  • RFIs are issued and processed via one standardised form for clarification, ensuring availability of all required information
  • Digitalising RFIs helps to reduce response duration and providing comprehensive documentation
  • RFI activity can be monitored and evaluated with automatic reports as a basis for risk management
  • Ensure that no Request for Information is left unanswered

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Structure your Requests for Information (RFI)!

  • Set one query per RFI to avoid confusion
  • Referencing option for documents stored in think project!
  • Version control of RFIs to provide up-to-date information to project members


Keep your project team up to date!

  • Provide easy access for stakeholders to the digital RFI form and process.
  • Stakeholders without think project! logins can be integrated via email and HTML forms
  • Automatic notifications can be sent out to relevant parties
  • Input responsibilities and due dates for clear expectations on all sides


Optimise your procedures!

  • Automatic task assignment to responsible parties
  • Continuous automatic notifications to keep project members informed
  • Clearly highlighted statuses and reminders of outstanding queries

Search & Find

Get the right information instantaneously!

  • Simple search options to find a specific RFI via different search terms
  • Stay alerted to outstanding and overdue answers by displaying current statuses of RFIs (e.g. open, for review, rejected).


Accentuate your project information!

  • Predefined views for task management
  • Track and monitor RFI activity and status via automatic reports and diagrams


Ensure a seamless flow of information!

  • Connect RFIs with other think project! solutions such as Variations or Site instructions
  • Integrate 3rd party software via our open interface to ensure the seamless flow of information

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