think project! APIs and connectors

To integrate with other systems, think project! provides SOAP and REST Web Services APIs. These ready-to-use, programmable interfaces enable interconnection with your ERP, DMS, AVA, CAD, FM and other applications. They also allow you to generate your own frontends and populate them with existing data. This lets you call up project data from think project! via APIs, allowing you to ‘dock’ your own solutions within our collaboration platform.

We’ve also developed intelligent connectors for specific widely used applications, offering enhanced functionality, greater user productivity and increased business value. 

Product representative

Jochen Maurer

Jochen Maurer
Head of Product Management


think project! Web services APIs

Project information is valuable – so it should be available across all systems relevant to project success. think project! supports project-wide work processes by collecting and networking information and data then saving it in a structured manner. This means your valuable pool of data is increased along each step of every process.

How can your other systems profit from this pool of project information? The solution is simple: they must be able to communicate with think project!. This is exactly what think project! APIs enable.

  • Project information can be called up in real time
  • Information from think project! can be updated and archived within other systems – including ERP, finance, cost-control, DMS and facilities management
  • Data from think project! can be integrated into project and enterprise dashboards
  • All systems relating to project success are intelligently networked with each other


  • Increased quality and consistency of data
  • Discrepancies between systems and replicated data are eliminated
  • Work processes are accelerated by reducing data input requirements, increasing user productivity
  • Internal and external work environments are linked across cross-enterprise projects
  • Risks are reduced, as project KPIs are more easily accessed and measured
  • Access rights remain protected

How do you implement think project! APIs?

  • On request, we’ll send you an application ID
  • We’ll also provide you with comprehensive documentation to help you implement your specific solution
  • If needed, our expert consultants can advise and assist you in achieving interconnection of your various project-relevant systems
  • You can summon data within the scope of our terms and conditions
  • Our support team is always there for your ongoing queries and help you resolve issues

RESTful API Dokumentation

SOAP API Dokumentation PDF


think project! DesktopConnect

think project! DesktopConnect integrates the local work environment on a Windows PC with the think project! cloud solution. When templates are used or documents edited within think project!, they open without needing to be downloaded within locally-installed programs such as Microsoft Word. Information like addresses, plan lists or defect descriptions already saved to think project! can be transferred directly into the document.

DesktopConnect integrates think project! with local Windows work environment

think project! OutlookConnect

Using think project! OutlookConnect, emails can be transferred from Outlook to think project! via ‘drag and drop’ and included in the structured project organisation without the user leaving the Outlook environment. think project! OutlookConnect is ideal for companies not wishing to relinquish Outlook, but recognise that communications relevant to each project should be comprehensively documented on a single platform.

Transfer an Outlook email to think project!

think project! SharePointConnect

This connector enables files to be transferred between think project! and Share Point without laborious manual temporary saving. think project! SharePointConnect integrates internal SharePoint organisation with cross-enterprise project-related processes mapped in think project!.


think project! AutoCADConnect

think project! AutoCADConnect allows designs from Autodesk AutoCAD to be transferred using think project!, with filename checking, without users needing to switch between applications. This means users with limited or only occasional roles can participate in structured project communications and easily engage in cross-enterprise processes, without additional training or needing to understand all the functionality of think project!.