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A critical factor in effective project management is considering, as early as the design and planning phase, how the large quantities of information and data that will be collected throughout the life of a project can be effectively retained for the longer term. On completion of the active construction phase, this information must be available for future reference to support a wide range of future requirements, such as warranty claims, facilities operations and management – as well as in the event of renovation, conversion or demolition.

think project! archive provides a simple and cost-effective solution for long-term retention of project data. At the end of a project, it delivers comprehensive, tamperproof documentation, structured according to the various project stages and allowing all relevant search functions and filters to be applied in locating information. The think project! archive not only provides a valuable information base on completion of the active construction phase, but can also add value to the ongoing project, by providing snapshots of various stages of the construction process.

  • Cost-effective archiving at the end of a project
  • Delivering a complete database for ongoing reference during operational phases of a project e. g. facility management
  • Providing historical snapshots of project progress, e. g. upon completion of planning
  • Comprehensive, requirementsbased documentation of changes, e. g. when a contractor ceases involvement in a project
Startup screen for think project! Archive

Scope of delivery

Comprehensive files and all communications, including end-to-end project history, can be stored, viewed and tracked within think project! archive. The data is supplied on a USB drive as a VMware Image. In addition to the project data, each think project! archive also contains an offline version of the think project! software, including the database.


A think project! archive license includes access to the think project! software for the purposes of viewing and searching your archived project data. There is no set time limit on using your archive – it is delivered for a one-time license fee and service charge, due on export of project data and archive creation.


  • The archive contains all search and filter options
  • A continuous history can be retrieved
  • All archived lists and reports can be downloaded
  • As the archive is read-only, files cannot bechanged or added

Project data access

Once the VMware software has been installed, think project! starts in the background so the archive image can be opened. The startup operation takes around a minute, depending on system performance. Once this operation has completed, an information screen displays the address where your think project! archive can be accessed. On entering this URL into your browser the familiar think project! interface appears so you can retrieve and search your archived project data.

System requirements

For local access or use within your company network, a VMware Player or VMware workstation software must be downloaded directly from a provider (e. g. and installed on your PC or server. The total size of your think project! archive will depend on the volume of project data stored.

A DHCP server must be available in the network for operation. As a minimum requirement, a processor and 2 GB of working memory must be available for each archive.

Hosting option for archive (AaaS)

If preferred, your think project! archive can be hosted at our secure data centres then accessed via a web browser at any time on an Archiving as a Service (AaaS) basis for a flat monthly rate.

Customer service representative

Alexander Eder

Alexander Eder
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