think project! services

think project! Services address specific areas to expand and maximise the CORE functionality of think project!. These may be based on our own applications or the integration of leading value-add technologies such as Adobe PDF and Crystal Reports.

Our objective is to integrate all aspects of think project! solution building blocks and other industry solutions to deliver immediate benefits to our customers in executing their projects.

Product representative

Jochen Maurer

Jochen Maurer
Head of Product Management


think project! PDF Service

The think project! Adobe PDF-Service puts the functionality of the leading standard in Portable Document Files at your disposal when you’re working within think project!. The added value for our customers lies in the seamless integration in existing processes; for example, checking plans and approving invoices.

  • Extensions of PDF documents such as mark-up tools are available in Adobe Reader
    • No additional software required on the user’s device
    • Seamless integration with   think project! DesktopConnect, without the need to download or upload files
    • Ability to review by clicking on ‘edit’
  • Information from think project! (such as document number, date, status) can be imbedded in PDF files as watermarks
    • Automatic imprinting during a process – for example, a ‘released’ stamp when changing status during review within the   think project! Design Management Module
    • Extensive configuration options for the layout and positioning of imprints
Automatic imprint of status and approval

think project! Mobile Version Check

The Mobile Version Check service closes the gap between documents saved in think project! and their printed hardcopy versions. By simply scanning a printed QR Code, you can check whether the paper version is still current, or whether think project! has a newer document ready and waiting.

  • QR codes can be imprinted on all types of PDF documents including plans, calculations and written correspondence.
  • Users scan with a QR Code reader on any smartphone or tablet, and can then navigate the range of status information that appears.
  • Status information that is called up should be freely selectable.
Status check – Invoice
Status check – Plan with ‘current’ result, Status check – Plan with ‘not current’ result, plus a reference to the current index

think project! Deep Link Service

Using the Deep Link Service, information from think project! can be linked with information from other systems such as ERP or DMS. These links can be useful in different ways. For example, a link can display static designated information or a specific document, or it can dynamically lead to the most up-to-date version. This allows both systems to be enriched, without the need to duplicate or laboriously research information.

Link to an invoice filed in think project! from a booking system

think project! Crystal Reports Service

The think project! Crystal Reports Service makes design options from Crystal Reports available in think project!. Letter templates, forms, reports and diagrams can be individually tailored and adapted to your design specifications. Once formatted, the user doesn’t need any specialised knowledge – as the design created within Crystal Reports will be automatically applied to new documents.

Issue a plan list as an excel table
Excel diagram of plan status