BIM Models

Building Information Modelling has a ground-breaking effect on the way construction projects are planned and executed. BIM enables integral planning, the handover of all information after project completion and much more. However, to reap all the benefits of BIM throughout the entire project and extend its application beyond a group of specialists, not only software solutions for creating BIM information are important.

Project participants require to exchange models with their related information and coordinate changes and approvals. Applying such a collaborative work method is called BIM Collaboration.

think project! offers you a common data environment, a cloud based platform to store, manage and distribute all information of your BIM planning efficiently and in a structured manner, thus enabling BIM Collaboration for the entire project team.

Your advantages

  • Manage your BIM project according to generally accepted BIM guidelines
  • Organise the different building models and their distribution, revision and approval in a transparent and efficient way
  • Ensure up-to-date information and accountability for all updates and tracking versions of your models and related information

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Structure your digital BIM management!

  • Classify your building models according to spatial (sub-project, floor), technical (trade, domain) or temporal (version, status) criteria for maximum structure
  • Combine single aspect models from different disciplines in coordination models for further approval processes without losing overview


Keep your project team up to date!

  • Selectively share your BIM models and linked documents with project participants to leverage the benefits of BIM project-wide
  • Create coordination models to ensure a structured communication for the approval workflows
  • Automatically inform your responsible project members about new model


Optimise your procedures!

  • Coordinate tasks with tickets and workflows directly connected to related BIM models and their elements
  • Create or import virtual sticky notes (3D markers) to comment or mark detected errors

Search & Find

Get the right information instantaneously!

  • Use our clearly structured BIM Review Board to view the construction model with its assigned classification and documents at a glance
  • Review the version history of your BIM models at the push of a button


Accentuate your project information!

  • Visualise BIM models in our 3D viewer online in your browser without spending money on additional software
  • Use colour coding to differentiate between various aspect models


Ensure a seamless flow of information!

  • Ensure data exchange with open BIM standards for BIM models (IFC 2x3 and IFC 4), BIM tickets (BCF) and view definitions (MVD)
  • Connect your BIM authoring software (Revit, Tekla, etc.) or BIM analyses software (Solibri, deSite, etc.) via our open interface for maximum flexibility
  • Link your building models with corresponding documents within integrated think project! solutions (for instance drawings, specifications, photos or defects)

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