Formerly known as DESITE BIM

Harness the Power of Technology

Increase performance

Full-stack BIM management  

VDC MANAGER covers the core BIM use cases in a single system. This comprehensive software integrates BIM Information Management, Quality Assurance and Project Management.

It makes BIM accessible and achievable for different project stakeholders with varying levels of BIM proficiency, promoting project collaboration, improving quality, and increasing efficiency 


  • Promotes transparency with seamless access to project data by all relevant stakeholders 
  • Cost efficiency by offering a single tool serving multiple use cases 
  • Exceptionally adaptable to various project workflows 
  • Neutral, open and fully interoperable with 3rd party software 

Ensure data and design quality with rule-based model checking and clash detection

Augment BIM data, automate processes and extend functionality

Switch your 3D models into 4D- semi-automated or rule-based

Determine quantities from the model to do cost estimation (5D)

Manage BIM models effectively 

DESITE BIM supports the visualisation, federation, normalisation and analysis of models to simplify working and optimise collaboration across the project, improving overall performance. DESITE BIM allows to add, and modify attributes, and synchronise changes with external sources 

Data and design quality assurance all in one

DESITE BIM enables clash detection to identify and detect possible issues in advance, ensuring highest model quality for subsequent project phases. Automatic and rule-based check of model attributes to find model and design errors, increasing efficiency and productivity.  

Dynamic construction scheduling and cost estimation   

DESITE BIM makes intelligent connections between a 3D model and information about the execution time of various activities, allowing the visualisation of construction time and simulation of progress. Manual or rule-based quantity take-off helps to automate quoting and prepare accurate cost estimates and forecasts. 

Simple customisation to tailor to specific needs with webforms 

DESITE BIM offers extension of functionality, automation of processes and adaptation to specific BIM workflows through customised add-ons using an API, providing maximum flexibility. Benefit from full interoperability enabling integration with the existing environment to enhance collaboration across the project. 

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