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Benefits of our partner network

As a leading provider for the built asset lifecycle, our network of committed partners heightens digitalisation and sustainability to the next level, delivering results at the highest quality.

We collaborate with a diverse array of partners, ensuring that market demands are fulfilled with industry norms that span the entirety of the analysis, consulting, planning, implementation, and operation processes.

At every stage, we work with open standards and enable the individuality of the project. As a result, stakeholders can increase operational efficiency through access to expert tools and industry insights.

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  • Cross-industry expertise

    Leverage the expertise and best practices of various experts.

  • Tailor-made solutions

    Get bespoke solutions tailored to your exact requirements.

  • Faster innovation cycles

    Boost projects with the advantage to access the latest technologies and faster innovation.

  • Improved quality of service

    Benefit from extended support networks combined with a high-quality platform and services.

  • Greater understanding

    Grow your knowledge at your own pace with our experts by your side.

  • Trusted relationships

    Long-standing partnerships with carefully selected partners guarantees continued support and growth.

  • "Drawing upon our extensive industry expertise, both within our own team and among our valued partners, we can ensure Thinkproject's customers are always receiving the most up to date and relevant knowledge from tried and tested experts."
    Franck Meudec
    CSO, Thinkproject

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Once we understand your requirements, our team will collaborate with the ideal partner to effectively support your execution management journey. Our ecosystem combines top business expertise and technology solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Partner types

Service provider

Supporting you to achieve your goals and increase efficiency with customised services.


Efficient and reliable resellers who provide advisory services for Thinkproject's platform.

Technology partner

Collaborating with our technology partners provides intelligent tech integrations that complement our platform.

Leverage our global partner network

Supporting your business execution

Partner with Thinkproject

We are always delighted to welcome new partners into our network. Why join us? As well as benefiting from better industry cooperation, high-level service & support, provision of innovative technologies and valuable content in our partner portal, see more benefits below.

New opportunities

Grow your business by capturing new opportunities.

Deliver value

Offer impactful services and innovative, intelligent solutions for your customers.

Trusted advisor

Explore a new market approach of full asset lifetime data management.

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