Comprehensive capital project management for

Private Asset Owners

Rely on an encompassing, state-of-the-art platform with the broadest set of solutions to optimise your capital project and built asset budgets. Streamline cost management and gain timely project delivery and quality control.

Capitalise on your investment & secure ROI

Increase visibility and control over budget, compliance, and project completion. Minimise the risk of time-consuming and costly disputes and litigation. Manage a seamless, timely and thorough asset handover for efficient operation and improved return on investment. Ensure assets are well-maintained for better operational efficiency, safety and compliance.

  • Improve cost efficiency

    Manage and track expenditures and remain within allocated budget.

  • Increase return on investment

    Complete on time to fulfil contractual obligations and initiate ROI.

  • Drive high quality

    Meet and exceed regulatory requirements, industry standards and client expectations.

  • Reduce risk

    Identify and mitigate potential risks, ensure business continuity and protect investment and reputation.

  • Augment productivity

    Manage your assets more efficiently and reliably, minimise downtime and disruptions thanks to regular and effective maintenance.

  • Enhance the sustainability of your assets

    Reduce energy consumption, waste, and generate a better environmental impact with strategic asset management practices.

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  • “Today, we need half as many employees in project management as we did five years ago – and that’s with significantly higher data quality and considerably shorter lead times.”
    Stephan Kilchmann Simonius
    Head of Project Management Services, Roche AG

Maximise efficiency and protect investment with on-time completion

Private asset owners must expertly manage costs amid variables like material prices and construction delays. Further, they must vigilantly plan and monitor expenses to stay within the allocated budget. Timely project completion is vital to avoid losses and reputational damage, therefore coordinating stakeholders by mitigating risks, including safety hazards and legal disputes, are imperative for success.   

Thinkproject solutions streamline team coordination, data management and tool integration on one innovative platform, offering comprehensive project visibility in terms of time and budget. Convert data into actionable insights to enhance project efficiency, cost-effectiveness, asset performance and safety. Maintain the highest quality standards and manage risks to safeguard investments and leverage reputation for future orders.  

Private asset owners are facing the challenge of managing all aspects of construction projects, whether that is commercial and financial management, information management among all stakeholders, scheduling and resource allocation, subcontractor coordination, quality issues, safety and health on site, budget control or communication in all directions.   

Our comprehensive set of solutions, within an innovative platform, revolutionises how general contractors can efficiently oversee all aspects of construction projects, leading to smooth coordination amongst multiple stakeholders while maintaining project timelines and quality standards.  

World-leading assets, built & operated with Thinkproject

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