Optimising project management

Thinkproject supports Dalkia Smart Building for the Department of Haute-Savoie

Efficiency through document management


In 2020, Dalkia Smart Building won a call for tenders from the Haute-Savoie department. This complex renovation project will improve the energy performance of 34 sites in the department, including 29 colleges reducing CO2 emissions by 38%.

As with all its contracts, Dalkia Smart Building is committed not only to the design and execution of the work, but also considerable energy savings.

  • “With Thinkproject we have saved up to 20 days a year in terms of coordinating documentary and human resources.”
    Antoine Rivelois
    Project Manager at Dalkia Smart Building
  • “Thinkproject is used to implementing document management tools, so they can structure the tool without delay to guarantee easy-use even once the project is finished. We also call on Thinkproject to help us with change management.”
    Antoine Rivelois
    Project Manager at Dalkia Smart Building
Adhering to strict schedules


This is a particularly complex project that Dalkia Smart Building will be involved over the next 10 years. 30 sites will be brought together with specific requirements and constraints. As these sites are publicly accessible, implementation of project management must adhere to site availability slots.

As an example, for the 29 colleges planned for the contract, Dalkia Smart Building must spread its interventions over three consecutive years with work carried out during the summer period.

Two parameters are critical to the project success: good oversight of when sites will be available and being able to organise the works in good time. “The work periods must be very well organised in order to guarantee the reopening of the colleges for the start of the school year,” says Antoine Rivelois, Project Manager at Dalkia Smart Buildings.

To facilitate this, Dalkia Smart Building has adopted document management with support from Thinkproject.

Change management with ease


Dalkia needed a solution that was a good fit for two main requirements of adaptable change management and an easy-to-use platform. Project management with Thinkproject’s Document & Communication Management (DOCUMENT & FIELD MANAGER) offering the desired functionality.

Dalkia Smart Building recognised the importance of offering project management support to its teams. The complexity of the projects that the company manages drives them to seek out concrete solutions that enable teams to focus on their deliverables.

Automation leads to optimisation


Successful digitalisation implementation is tied to the ability of project stakeholders to create common automation for all project participants. The Document Controller played a pivotal part in onboarding success, training teams on Thinkproject and making the platform the single source of truth.

This project required the creation of a DOE (Executed Works File) at the end of the project. Prompt delivery of the DOE is part of the commitments in principle that Dalkia Smart Building imposes on itself. To respect this commitment, Thinkproject was entrusted with the task of assembling the DOE as the project progressed, automating the report.

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