Thinkproject continues to assist in crucial decommissioning projects with NSG Environmental Ltd

Modular ILW Encapsulation Plant


The UK is undergoing a huge task of taking legacy nuclear facilities offline and decommissioning them to make sites safe for future generations. This has led to a number of innovative techniques to clean up significant quantities of nuclear waste, including the Modular ILW Encapsulation Plant (MILWEP) from NSG, in collaboration with Magnox Ltd and key supply chain partners.

MILWEP has been configured for several sites including Berkeley, Chapelcross and Hinkley Point A. The aim of the facility is to encapsulate and package radioactive waste into 6m3 concrete boxes for long-term storage.

MILWEP is a fantastic example of the collaborative project approach that the nuclear sector champions, making MILWEP a safe and secure solution for nuclear waste.

  • “MILWEP is a major project for not just NSG and Magnox but also within the wider Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) programme. The innovative solutions that the MILWEP concept offers can also be used at other sites in the UK and internationally. With the project encompassing multiple sites, Thinkproject has been really helpful in ensuring the project teams can continue to deliver the programme effectively and efficiently.”
    Fiona Keegan
    Project Manager, NSG


As well as making sure that all legislative and safety requirements were met, NSG also had to factor in the challenges that arise with a complex build across several sites, with multiple project teams and stakeholders involved.

MILWEP was needed to be delivered in a tight timescale and budget, which can prove to be hard with a new concept, as ideas and methods may change as the teams start to build.

Construction professionals using a tablet


NSG were able to relieve the administrative pressures of reporting with Commercial & Contract Management (CONTRACTS) to provide valuable data for stakeholders promptly.

Within Thinkproject, any arising issues that could delay deadlines or jeopardise the safety of the project were able to be quickly identified and rectified, as well as communicated across sites and teams, ensuring MILWEP could be delivered to exact specifications without duplication or costly errors.

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