Undertaking digitalisation challenge with impressive results

Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital

Neonatal unit expansion and renovation


In 2019, work began on the renovation of Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Hospital’s neonatal unit, where the number of beds increased from 38 to 44, distributed in 32 wards, the great majority of which are individual beds and have personal space for companions. The expansion has meant going from 800m² to 2000m².

The objective of comfort during the hospital stay is reflected with individual spaces for patients and families, plus common areas to relax or unwind without leaving the hospital. All of this is accompanied by technological improvements that allow wireless monitoring, and an alarmed reception without the need to enter the ward, thus giving families improved privacy in delicate situations.

One of the hospital’s objectives is to move all the areas that are currently communal towards individual spaces to improve the experience of patients and families in the hospital.

  • “A construction plan such as the one that began in 2005 undoubtedly needed a platform to manage the different reform and expansion projects that have been emerging. Soon the work of the SJD Paediatric Cancer Centre Barcelona will be carried out- an entire building dedicated to paediatric oncology, and we will continue using digital methods to achieve this. With the adoption of the Thinkproject CDE ENTERPRISE, a process of progressive, growing and irreversible digital transformation has begun that sees its first fruits in the conclusion of projects such as the neonatal area of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and whose future lies in the adoption of new processes and functionalities that will be adopted in future projects.”
    Andrea Cascio
    Technical Office, HSJD


By using Thinkproject it has been possible to have all information organised and structured according to the requirements of the project and in a single place for consultation by all.

With a strong purpose of helping to build a better world and with a clear orientation towards social commitment, Thinkproject has offered CDE ENTERPRISE, plus support and consultancy services at no charge in aid of the neonatal unit’s completion.



Contribution of Thinkproject to the neonatal project


The implementation of Thinkproject CDE ENTERPRISE has improved the management of project documentation and communication between different participants.

All document revisions, approvals, versions, and similar, have been carried out in a single platform where the different teams involved in the project have access dependent on their roles or access permissions.

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