Certified & practice-proven construction management platform for

Public Asset Owners

Leverage a proven, innovative platform that has been refining construction project management for decades. Achieve successful completion of your construction projects with unparalleled transparency and adherence to regulatory standards.

Manage & control your construction projects with efficiency, optimise asset maintenance

Manage your projects and assets effectively, delivering on-schedule and with full transparency. Enhance budget efficiency, simplify compliance with regulations, and focus on engaging stakeholders to drive the success of your projects. Ensure safety and reliability at the asset operate stage with regular maintenance and timely upgrades that prevent infrastructure failures posing safety risks to the public. Prolong the useful life of your asset maximizing the return on investment with proactive maintenance and efficient asset management. 

  • Maximise budget effectiveness

    Optimise performance and effectively manage budget allocations.

  • Champion transparency & accountability

    Streamlined reporting and approval procedures across projects and programs.

  • Benefit from high compliance

    Information security a top priority with ISO 27001, C5 and SOC2.

  • Strengthen stakeholder relations

    Empower your projects with a unified, collaborative platform.

  • Prevent asset failures

    Prevent infrastructure failures that could pose safety risks to the public with well-maintained roads, bridges, and public utilities.

  • Optimise resource allocation

    Allocated resources efficiently, prioritise critical maintenance and repair tasks based on asset condition and usage.

  • Ensure asset longevity

    Extend the lifespan of your assets, delaying the need for expensive overhauls or replacements with a proper sustainable use.

Leading companies trust us

  • "Thinkproject were able to work with us and find out how we needed to use the software, whilst offering further development to make sure we were using the platform to get the most efficient results for our operations."
    Helen Rowe
    Structure & Tunnels Asset Manager

Enhance construction project visibility & deliver success

Public asset owners are confronted with challenges when it comes to budget and securing funding for crucial projects. They must manage communication and foster positive relationships with involved stakeholders, driving project success and community satisfaction – before, during and after the build.  

Thinkproject solutions support public asset owners with better project control through a clear overview and the ability to easily report. Communication and information are streamlined for easy sharing with stakeholders, simplifying permitting processes and bringing structure into the build project. Manage the entire asset lifecycle from procurement with integrated cost and contract management, to project and virtual design and construction management during build phase, to handing over to asset and work management during maintenance. 

World-leading assets, built & operated with Thinkproject

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