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CADatWORK’s BIM clients expect reliability, they achieve this with Thinkproject

Choosing an innovative & robust solution


CADatWORK is the trusted partner of renowned corporate groups such as Bouygues Immobilier or Pictet for the construction of its future building in Geneva.

In that context, Marjorie Janin, BIM Manager at CADatWORK SWISS, supported the asset owners and project ownership assistance of the Pictet Group in choosing the Thinkproject, owing to the wealth of available features fully in line with the project owner’s specific expectations, following a comparison with the other competitors.

Before the project commenced, the asset owner underscored the intention to work expressly with service providers having gained recognition for their experience managing BIM projects, as a sign of dependability and the ability to anticipate their future needs.

  • “Reliability, efficiency, and an appropriate platform from design through to delivery of the handover file, in a nutshell that is Thinkproject”
    Marjorie Janin
    BIM Manager
  • “Thinkproject saved us valuable time during project meetings by providing all participants with a clearer view of overall progress thanks to management of the tree structure and versioning of documents.”
    Marjorie Janin
    BIM Manager
  • “The asset owner wanted to implement a reliable, easy-to-use project management solution at the forefront of current and future innovations, and that’s why we also wanted to use Thinkproject”
    Marjorie Janin
    BIM Manager
  • “On this project, we had more than 50 IFC and REVIT models that we had to share securely with all the participants and log by tracking additions. Thinkproject, a powerfully efficient tool, fully addresses these issues.”
    Marjorie Janin
    BIM Manager
  • “Once this process had been set up, it was decided that Thinkproject would be the official channel for centralising communication, thus doing away with unnecessary emails and silo working while ensuring data security.”
    Marjorie Janin
    BIM Manager
Document Management & BIM: Key building blocks


As with any construction project, before work could begin on the Pictet Group’s new building, a consultation stage was held followed by a design stage. Then execution begins, and finally the operational and maintenance stage. This all calls for a tool which can seamlessly monitor the whole of the process.

The asset owner called on CADatWORK SWISS for its expertise in BIM process management. However, it was important for the Pictet Group to be able to keep track of the project’s development throughout its life cycle, beginning, of course, with the design stage. “It’s not always straightforward for companies whose speciality is not BIM to have in-house resources for viewing how the design of the building is progressing,” says Marjorie Janin, BIM Manager.

As a financial group, it was vital that Pictet be able to rely, alongside CADatWORK SWISS, on a tool guaranteeing the security of all the project’s datasets for every stage of the built asset lifecycle. Futhermore, privacy is another priority for Pictet, which required every company involved on the project was assigned access rights for viewing and commenting on relevant documents.

A platform that fits all requirements


At the mention of BIM, 3D modelling of a construction project is what tends to spring to mind. Thinkproject’s Virtual Design & Construction Management capabilities are robust, facilitating IFC and REVIT model exchanges between companies (VDC MANAGER).

An advantage of Thinkproject is that the asset owner can simultaneously view the 2D plans on one side of the screen and the 3D model on the other. The asset owner particularly appreciated this intuitive navigation within the technical specifics in 3D, using an easy-to-access tool with no prior technical training required.

With Document & Communication Management, DOCUMENTS guarantees versioning of the shared elements and enables consultation of the document history whenever necessary. With Thinkproject’s document classification system, CADatWORK SWISS has gained in productivity during project follow-up meetings.

Utilising data


Organisation of the approval process during the project’s remaining stages is currently being studied. All the data saved on Thinkproject throughout the project is easily accessible and directly usable during subsequent stages.

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