Formerly known as RAMM

True integration

Easy maintenance optimisation

Simplify asset and work management

Thinkproject ASSET & WORK MANAGER (formerly known as RAMM) is a world-class digital asset and work management solution that connects stakeholders in one seamless, single source of truth solution. It is a geospatial, real-time system supporting data accuracy and validation, making it possible to manage and maintain any asset class and type, in any location, at any time.


  • Many transport infrastructure assets included by default
  • Combine budget and contract management with job creation, assessments and more
  • Easily share and integrate selective asset data with service providers

Effortlessly manage asset and maintenance work directly on the integrated map

Simplify visualisation, analysis, interpretation and understanding

Discover correlations, patterns and trends in asset maintenance programmes

Create and manage any asset you have a stake in

Flexible, configurable, future-proof

ASSET & WORK MANAGER makes it simple to create and manage any infrastructure asset – such as parks and open spaces, water supply and wastewater capture, and buildings – as well as streamline activities and forecast future changes to conditions and the potential value of capital improvements required.

Solutions to support, connect and advance infrastructure works

ASSET & WORK MANAGER, Submitica and Submitica Control offer a seamless solution for when utility operators, service providers, contractors and event organisers need to work in the road reserves. Applicants can easily plot their work, submit documentation and notify work start and end dates.

Update anywhere, anytime

ASSET & WORK MANAGER updates work requests in real time, enabling field maintenance teams to locate nearby work based on GPS positioning, perform asset assessments, inspect dispatches and stay up to date on priority work.

An end-to-end solution for asset maintenance

Simplify operational processes by capturing and processing work requests from various sources in one place. ASSET & WORK MANAGER can be used to configure, analyse, interpret, understand, report and take control of asset maintenance data.

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