Formerly known as CONCLUDE CDE

Ready-to-use technology


Unparalleled platform solutions for the whole project cycle 

CDE CONSTRUCTION is our leading SaaS product that ensures greater quality, transparency and up-to-the-minute accuracy of data for AECO projects. This unique, modular technology is 100% web-based to ensure it is available when needed and provides multi-user support, even on multiple projects. Each module can be selected to fit the requirements of any project and will be seamlessly integrated. 



  • Out-of-the-box, practice-proven, fully integrated and extendable module suite 
  • The cost-efficient CDE for busy project teams 
  • Reliable auditing and governance

Customise multi-project reporting to match specific requirements

Quick delivery and approval process including comments and release notes

Access codified, experienced consulting and service capabilities focused on AECO

Benefit from extensive workflow capabilities to automate project proceedings

Standardised project and programme management ready to use in minutes

A complete digital project and programme management office for AECO providing all the essentials for process standardisation in the form of best practice modules. Rapidly deployable, easy to use yet adaptable to meet various needs, thus making success repeatable.

Efficient design management

Approval workflows are presented in a document-based manner, are easy to use and promote completeness and consistency. QR codes and online commenting on plans significantly speed up the whole delivery and approval process and minimise errors due to faulty or outdated design.

Streamlined teamwork through automated workflows

Connect all project members in one Common Data Environment through digital workflows and processes that facilitate change management and streamline project communications, promoting overall project efficiency to deliver projects on time and on budget with high quality.

Mobile applications bring the CDE on site

Mobile applications like cc capture (for collecting data on site), cc files (for carrying any files while offline) and cc handover (for organising a smooth handover process between the executing party and the client) make on-site digitalisation very easy by bringing the CDE on site. All applications are available for iOS devices and cc capture and cc files additionally for Android.

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