Formerly known as TP CDE

Flexibility at the core

The essence of CDE ENTERPRISE

Unlock value from considerable volumes of data

In AECO projects, information comes in a variety of different formats, from drawings and documents  to BIM models. Project teams need a solution that can deal with this information and connect it in a way that unlocks value by providing a complete picture.


  • Straightforward information and BIM management
  • Smart filing and searching in a central cloud
  • Open interface integrates easily with other software

Keep the project team up to date with the latest information

Effortlessly optimise procedures

Get the right information instantly

Ensure a seamless flow of information

Scalability to meet the demands of individual projects and company-wide standards

A highly configurable product that is easily adapted or adjusted to work with even the most specialised processes and environments.

Security as a priority

Ensures compliance with data protection laws and security standards – creating an environment of trust through transparency and customer support.

Streamline communication and processes

CDE ENTERPRISE makes it easy to organise on several levels, streamline communication, and optimise processes across the entire project value chain for all stakeholders.

Connect the office and on-site teams

Mobile applications for iOS and Android make it easy to connect to CDE ENTERPRISE on site as they can be used offline, and data can be synchronised as soon as an internet connection is established.

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