Formerly known as TP CONTROL

Unleashing transparency

Budget clarity

Harness value and insights from the whole team

COSTS is our budget and forecasting software that provides transparent budgeting and contingency management – combining project cost estimation, cost capture and cost management with the risk management, forecasting and central financial functions managed by enterprise resource planning (ERP).


  • An intuitive, secure, compliant and accessible web-based tool
  • Tailored to different processes and requirements
  • Generate budgetary information at the click of a button

Access a real-time, centralised programme view of aggregate project activity

Manage cost estimates, bills of quantities and specifications efficiently

Affords unbroken financial controls from site office to stakeholder

Interfaces with both contract management and ERP solutions

Access from anywhere, anytime

With COSTS, all costs are managed centrally, making it easy for anyone with the corresponding rights and internet access to view them – ensuring absolute transparency.

Transparent cost structures in large projects

Construction costs are clearly displayed with all parties using the same model. This prevents deviations and discrepancies and ensures complete cost transparency, however big the project may be.

Real-time analysis

The included functions allow cost information to be seamlessly transferred to various processes. Project managers and controllers can manage cash flow planning and billing runs, create cost forecasts and access critical evaluations immediately, avoiding delays.

Bridge between corporate finance and project reality

COSTS bridges the gap that often exists between the project itself and a company’s accounting department. It can even integrate accounting systems like SAP – all while ensuring high security standards.

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