New pilot project with the municipal company of the city of Gemünden

Gemünden municipal utility company successfully uses Asset Management from Thinkproject in the area of ​​wastewater systems


Jan. 29, 2024

Digitalisation with Thinkproject Asset Management

Wastewater systems are intrinsic to keeping communities running, from maintaining safe and clean water to the processing of wastewater. For municipalities, the challenges of managing theses systems for thousands of residents can be complex, which is why the Gemünden municipal utility company successfully uses Asset Management from Thinkproject in the area of ​​wastewater systems.







To build a robust database, all existing objects and components of the system were recorded and digitised, giving clarity over all assets. Around 82 pumps, 21 agitators and 30 switchgear and other systems were classified and recorded for the coordination of individual tasks. Weekly tours and recurring maintenance measures can thus be controlled automatically, allowing the team to identify and take a speedy response to any issues.

With Thinkproject Asset Management

Instead of manual entry with on paper or via numerous Excel lists and tables, everything is accessed on the platform, giving digital control of processes that save time and effort, and ensures transparency and traceability.

To ensure a secure and efficient process, the municipal company decided to use the workflow-controlled use of Thinkproject Asset Management. The digital solution saves time, effort and money, and supports the waterworks with efficient digital control. By working closely with the Gemünden municipal utilities, we are in the process of optimising this process and expanding it together, tailoring the platform to the specific business needs.

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  • “I see Thinkproject as a tool and an effective instrument to conserve resources in the future and maintain skills sustainably and independently of employees.”
    Henry Bürgermeister
    Technical management, municipal utility Gemünden am Main

Asset Management with Thinkproject

Every phase of the built asset lifecycle is covered with Thinkproject