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Christchurch City Council


Christchurch (Ōtautahi) is New Zealand’s largest city in the South Island and one of just four cities worldwide that follows the same layout and grid pattern surrounding a central city square. Located on the east coast and at the heart of the Canterbury region, agriculture is at the core of its economy closely followed by manufacturing and Antarctic exploration.

Home to nearly 400k residents makes it the most populated city outside of Auckland, with a 97% majority residing in the urban area. Intensified by a population increase of ~1.5% per annum and rapid growth following the devastating earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, Christchurch City Council is responsible for a vast array of public services for its reconstructed city and growing community.

Optimisation of asset management and maintenance is paramount to its performance and the community.

2,300 km

of roads

$2 billion

transport assets

$35 million

maintenance contracts p.a.

  • “Thinkproject ASSET & WORK MANAGER solution enables more usability and accessibility, giving a lot more gains and confidence.”
    Mark Pinner
    Manager City Streets Maintenance
Inadequate models, limited visibility


In 2016, the Council underwent a large-scale review of its workflows and maintenance contract models to identify areas for improvement. The results showed that existing contract models didn’t provide the necessary levers to drive required performance across the network, along with work programmes lacking clear and consistent prioritisation and commitment. Inadequate models resulted in limited visibility throughout the Council – from the call centre managing customer requests, to Contractor performance and control, to enterprise analysis of transport assets and activities.

There was a clear requirement to understand underlying customer and asset needs versus historical funding. With an increasing expectation for quality and value for money from its customers and Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency, the Council recognised the need to improve their KPI models. Such improvements were needed to achieve more control with programming and to retain better program performance each month with the focus on the customer.

This lack of visibility was magnified by the Council’s incident response and program delivery, with performance measured at just 24% and 30% respectively.

Collaboration and ownership are key


A review further highlighted the unlocked potential of Thinkproject’s ASSET & WORK MANAGER solution. It resulted in a clear objective to increase stakeholder knowledge in how to efficiently utilise the solutions, particularly in the field, and quickly develop super users in key areas of integration, asset information, user permissions, processes and finance.

A renewed focus for the Council delivered a reinvigorated set of values to drive their journey:

Proactiveness | Ownership | Collaboration |

Delivery & Quality | Customer-centric | Data Intelligence

Revised workflows and visibility

The Council tasked themselves with revising workflows to address the gaps identified and implement the improvements to become more proactive with work management, provide improved Council and customer visibility on job progress, and to better understand the asset lifecycle needs. Operational requirements were redesigned to adapt the contract model to match the Council’s Enterprise Resource Planning system to better manage and automate processes and resources. They further restructured the delivery model for road maintenance contracts to provide consistency, data quality and standardisation on a single working model.

Operational Performance

Measurements of operational performance need to be established for all cyclic activities performed by the Contractors, with the Council introducing financial at-risk penalties should performance measures not be met. Field audits needed to be transitioned from paper-based inspections to the Thinkproject ASSET & WORK MANAGER solution to reduce effort and enable significantly larger audit samples.

Desktop audits were to be introduced to monitor response times and the use of GPS data for specific quality-based tasks such as network coverage and speed.

Data 360⁰

At the time, Thinkproject had begun the migration of the Asset Management Citrix to the new Asset Management HTML platform, requiring the relearning of behaviours. The Council saw the need to develop a regional Asset Management User Group for the Road Controlling Authorities and its Contractors to provide a unified direction and feedback loop, further using the Group to support the migration to HTML.

Major change required major stakeholder involvement

The Council’s overhaul of workflows needed its personnel, its Contractors and its Vendors fully committed to ensure its success, along with an intuitive approach to change management.

Collaboration, integration, clarity

The introduction of a risk management model, new end-to-end processes to help workflow management, a data warehouse for reporting, and shifting to Microsoft Power BI were just a few of the many key deliverables. Stakeholder engagement, collaboration, knowledge sharing and training were pivotal to the project. Robust performance frameworks were implemented and supported by auditing using the solution Inspection module with all cyclic activities and reporting of key measures and response times via the data warehouse.

Thinkproject’s ability to integrate ASSET & WORK MANAGER with the enterprise system, SAP, played a key part in enabling visibility of reporting for increased funding across the Council, further assisted by utilising the Budget module for on-tool budgeting and tracking.

Our single source of truth

Workflows were introduced to approve estimates before accepting them into the work program, approve change of authority and controls, and produce structured programming. All of which enabled the Council to aggregate and prioritise jobs to achieve customer satisfaction. A location-based fault field was introduced on the platform to provide another process for prioritising jobs, as well as the ability to auto-claim, further streamlining processes both in-field and in-office.

The Council’s changes enabled better understanding of their data blind spots and gaps in the data. Their new contract requirements reinforce and embed the use of Thinkproject ASSET & WORK MANAGER as a single source of truth for all stakeholders.

The power of three

Thinkproject’s Professional Services division managed the implementation of the new contract model within the platform, with three key deliverables. “We received great support from Thinkproject throughout to make sure the ASSET & WORK MANAGER solution worked how we needed it to. Usability is continuously improving on the new Asset Management HTML platform,” says Mark.

Deliverable 1

Firstly the software specification and development focused on integration with the Council’s call centre and finance systems using newly developed APIs.

Deliverable 2

Secondly Thinkproject provided clear understanding to all stakeholders of the new ASSET & WORK MANAGER solution to support new maintenance management processes.

Deliverable 3

Thirdly, user acceptance testing and deployment was to be achieved within a short timeframe before launch date, focusing on group training supported by power users, for successful new Contractor teams.

A complex project delivered on time and on budget by Thinkproject


The Council has seen invaluable benefits and better business outcomes as a result of these developments and their approach to change management. There has been demonstrated improvement in response times, levels of service, quality and cost, benefitting all stakeholders.

With Contractor performance in mind, having assurance of achieving outcomes and value from lump sum maintenance work has been vital, as is the practicality of seeing all work jobs in the same area.

For the Council, having an internal set of standards across all contracts for consistent alignment and analysis means they have significantly improved program delivery from less than 30% completed work each month to more than 90% completed work each month, in addition to easily comparing forecasts versus actual. The budget is no longer a target to meet the work, but, the work is now required within the budget.

The Council is systematically auditing the quality of planned and reactive work to achieve and confirm the acceptable levels with recognition assessment of quality.

Thinkproject ASSET & WORK MANAGER provides the Council with a holistic view, a system that integrates more readily, and one that supports learning and better efficiency in the field. The project and solution outcomes have improved information provided to the Council and its customers, the public, regarding work progress and enhanced maintenance contract integration with the Council’s geospatial reporting and analysis systems. Additionally, it has improved geospatial visibility for Council personnel on asset activity and expenditure, and data quality to enable better benchmarking and comparisons between contracts. With integration between SAP and the platform, it manages 6,000 defects and associated claims each month with SAP order numbers being recorded for audit and compliance purposes.

The Council are now achieving over 90% of work jobs being inspected, estimated and submitted to the work program each month with over 90% of work program jobs completed each month. A far superior result compared to its pre-review situation. Realising the true potential of the ASSET & WORK MANAGER solution, alongside adopting a methodical and intuitive change management approach, the Council has optimised its asset management and maintenance for greater performance, efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

20,000 to 8,500

Over 57% reduction in pothole failures

48% to 95%

An outstanding improvement of pothole fixtures

2% to 3.3%

Increase in pavement surfacing improvements

24% to 95% Make Safe

The councils incidence response pledge; closing jobs within a 2 hour service level, achieving far better customer service

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