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DEGES are improving traffic flow and safety on the A 26 West, this important infrastructure project is supported with Document & Communication Management.

Improving safety, noise pollution and traffic flow


Heavy traffic on the B 73 highway has led to an increasing shift of road users onto alternative routes that are not equipped to handle the amount of traffic. The consequences are reduced travel speeds, many accidents and a considerable impact on residents through noise, pollutants and partitioning effects. 

The A 26 West (Section 4 of the A 26) is the connecting link from the Lower Saxony state border to the A 7, and together with the A 26 East (Hafenpassage) forms Hamburg’s contribution to the new A 26 freeway in the southern Elbe region. 

Nationwide research has shown that the Stade – Hamburg link will have very severe accessibility deficits in 2015 if the A 26 is not included in improvement plans. Plans aim to expand the A 7 north of the AK HH-Hafen from six to eight lanes. Futher, because of traffic quality, it is also necessary to expand to eight lanes at the A 26 southbound HH-Heimfeld junction. 

In future, the A 26 will provide an improved link between the Süderel region and the major north-south links A 1 and A 7, as well as a direct connection between the ports on the North and Baltic Seas. It will provide relief for what is currently the most important road link south of the Elbe: The B 73 between Hamburg and Cuxhaven.  

The federal highway is used by many commuters to and from Hamburg, and truck traffic is also increasing steadily there. In Neu Wulmstorf, an average of around 33,000 vehicles were counted on the B 73 on weekdays in 2013. The same applies to the Lower Saxony/Hamburg state border. Around ten percent of these are trucks. 

8.0 km

A26 total length

RQ 31

A26 cross-section

3.7 km

A7 total length

RQ 43.5

A7 cross-section

  • "Thinkproject offers us the possibility of efficient and transparent tracking of drawing releases. In the meantime, DEGES has gained very good experience in this area and has also been able to gain the trust of the relevant approving authorities in this context".
    Daniel Scheer
    DEGES Project Manager, A 26 West


Roadworks are complicated at the best of times, not least when works are being completed on busy and essential traffic routes.  

It is crucial that disruption and delays are kept to a minimum, as this not only affects users’ journey times, but can have a big impact on general safety for both the teams working on the roads, and the public.  

Construction professionals using a tablet


DEGES chose Document & Communication Management to manage drawing and documents for this project.  

Via CDE | INFRASTRUCTURE, the checking processes for execution planning and technical equipment were automated. Flexible control of different contractors in the 16 different sections was implemented to improve workflow programming. 

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