Infrastructure upgrades to benefit 70,000 daily road users

With 58 bridges to construct or rebuild, Via Solutions Südwest opted for document management support from Thinkproject.


The A5 highway between Karlsruhe and Switzerland is a major traffic route for Europe, with approx. 70,000 users daily. Via Solutions Südwest has planned, financed, built, maintained and operated the A5 between Malsch and Offenburg for 30 years.

To improve the highway, 58 bridges are being constructed or rebuilt, with additional works such as noise-reducing walls and purification basins. Via Solutions Südwest alongside a joint venture of VINCI, EUROVIA, Kirchhoff and Reif Bauunternehmung are completing the planned construction.

850 million Euro

concession volume

41.5 km

six-lane expansion length

350 million Euro

construction costs


This large-scale infrastructure project poses complexities. It is important that disruption and delays are kept to a minimum as the highway has a high traffic volume that could quickly build up, affecting the public.

Moreover, with many teams and stakeholders involved, the risk of miscommunication and errors increases, which could be costly.

Construction professionals using a tablet


As with other successful Public-Private Partnership (PPP) highway projects such as A4 Hoerselberge and A8 Augsburg-Munich, the works will be supported by Document & Communication Management (CDE INFRASTRUCTURE) with Thinkproject, where teams can manage construction design review processes.

Thinkproject defines various workflows to enable project participants to review drawings and other documents without the delay of manual distribution. Process management is optimised through the simultaneous review process of drawings and the utmost flexibility of the workflows.


All project participants, from owners to contractors and through to stakeholders were able to view and manage tasks automatically via Thinkproject.

Furthermore, all review durations and their adherence to the expected due dates were monitored through integrated time-scheduling management within the platform.

Lastly, all correspondence and digital construction log records can be created, and later archived within Thinkproject for security and ease of access.

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