Change is an opportunity

To digitalise and uniform models, plans and documents, Bauwens chose Thinkproject to help boost efficiency internally and externally.

Uniforming processes with Thinkproject


Family-run Bauwens has been operating for almost 150 years and has always embraced change, viewing it as an opportunity. Bauwens supports building construction projects in the office, retail, hotel, and residential sectors. A little more than 50% of the projects come from in-house development; the company receives the remaining orders from the open market.

Bauwens differs in many ways from a classic medium-sized construction service provider. “We see the digital transformation as an epoch-making opportunity for lasting positive change. We therefore focus our strategic corporate development on the intensive examination of our own corporate culture and the continuous expansion of our professional expertise,” says Holger Siebel, Head of the Architecture Department.

  • “There are always defects that are immediately visible and that can be remedied quickly before they have expensive effects. You just need to identify and document them early on.”
    Holger Siebel
    Head of Architecture Dept.
  • “The consultants at Thinkproject understood our needs and together we managed to link software and processes well. With around 40 projects that are controlled simultaneously, this is indispensable. With all the difficult digitisation issues, it’s a good feeling that Thinkproject always runs reliably.”
    Holger Siebel
    Head of Architecture Dept.
Digitisation - a driver for change


With an understanding of digitisation as a driver for positive change, Bauwens required that their projects were managed transparently, ensuring processes were as smooth as possible. The starting point for any transparency is a well-thought-out process plus, intelligent data management.

Bauwens have been discussing better transparency for a long time: How can current plans and documents be passed on to internal and external project participants in good time? How can information be stored on the web in such a way that all authorised persons can securely access it?

It was also clear that software alone is not the solution. Even the best digital project room does not bring the desired transparency if there are not a set of concise rules, established for internal processes and designations. If these rules are not adhered to, software becomes redundant.

To summarise, Bauwens required not only a software solution, but support in onboarding and getting buy-in from project teams to fully realise the benefits of the solution.

In the search for the best fit for their requirements, an overview of current software available was obtained. All solutions had advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately Bauwens opted for the market-leader Thinkproject.

Change is a part of life


To truly adapt to the new software, Bauwens developed a nomenclature for file names: 36 characters that contain a wealth of information about the project: document type, file content, version, amongst others, that is used in their Document & Communication Management solution (FORMS & PROCESSES).

For users to utilise this common language, they needed to understand it and recognise it as meaningful. With Bauwens employees, a dedicated training concept, the Centre of Excellence, where workshops were held with the Thinkproject team, facilitating a smooth roll-out of the software across the company. Anyone new to Bauwen’s projects can now be onboarded with ease.

Efficiency in processes is crucial to project success. Bauwens required that plan, document and defect processes were standardised across all projects. Thinkproject established uniformity, increasing the quality of the data and thus contributing to ease of use. This significantly reduced the amount of training required.

Each of Bauwen’s projects presents unique requirements. To ensure the common language remains effective, Thinkproject remains closely involved with Bauwens. “We sit together every three to six months and check whether everything still fits. We must find new solutions for the things that are no longer working,” says Holger Siebel.

Before Bauwens began using Thinkproject, established process maps were created, an unusual practice for medium-sized companies. On this map, the creation of a digital project map was an important milestone. Thanks to this additional step, setting up the project room is a matter of course.

In addition to the plan management, document management and model management, Bauwens also uses defect management from the outset of all construction projects, which is further simplified by Thinkproject’s mobile app. Even without an internet connection, defects can be detected and recorded whilst on-site, and automatically syncronise when the device is online.

Development & support


Today at Bauwens, new projects and support tasks are coordinated in weekly meetings within Thinkproject, creating the much-desired stability and security.

The lean processes in place establish a modern, technology-first environment that ensures happy project participants.

Bauwens next steps are streamlining more processes: digital building models, co-ordination, collaboration, viewers, standardisation and streamlining. Here too, Thinkproject will be supporting.

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