Contract administration for Heat Network Associates

Heat Network Associates is supported by Thinkproject in their construction contract administration

Contract administration & supervision


As NEC4 contract practitioners working on large city centre Buried Network Projects, Heat Network Associates (HNA) utilise contract management software to manage their profolio of works.

  • “It is key to Heat Network Associates to carry out our duties in the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation and Thinkproject helps us to do this.”
    Craig Grobety
Contract compliance as standard


HNA were looking for a provider to support their contract administration and management, with a list of key requirements:

  • Compliance with NEC4
  • Alignment to their client’s projects and objectives
  • The ability to customise reports
  • An effective tool for communication
  • Functionality to produce Forecasts and Tailored Reports
  • Acceptances between the Parties
  • Tailored Client dashboards and event registers
Industry-recognised contract management


Thinkproject’s industry-recognised NEC contract management tool (CONTRACTS) is specifically tailored to NEC4. The Commercial & Contract solution has helped HNA to establish appropriate communication protocols required by their partners and contracts.

HNA first used CONTRACTS in March 2019 for the Bristol Broughton House Buried Network Project, where they were engaged to provide NEC Supervisor Services.

After receiving User and Superuser training from Thinkproject, HNA felt confident that Thinkproject would be able to contribute to their corporate and project specific objectives of administering projects compliantly, effectively and with high visibility or progress for all key stakeholders.

A key element of HNA’s project delivery methodology was to support their clients in understanding project performance and risk. HNA were able to tailor project reports using Analytics to complement Bristol City Council’s project logs and RAG systems. They provided monthly collaborative update reports to the Client and a detailed NEC Forecast, together with BEIS funding analysis and risk registers.

HNA have also used Thinkproject to track and prioritise in-construction design changes, implementing early warning procedures and using the technical queries system, clarifying client requests for technical documentation and supporting Developer technical liaison/building connection designs.

HNA’s NEC supervisors are experienced in using Thinkproject to ensure that the Quality Management system, including the quality policy statement and the quality plan, are always met during the construction phases of their projects.

Thinkproject offers tools to govern HNA’s project quality plans under the NEC engineering and construction contracts, industry standards and best practices. Defects and tests & inspections are notified and recorded within the system against the requirements stated in the contract, promoting an open culture towards defect notification and correction to the contractor.

Fostering collaboration between project parties


District Heating projects are complex and require experienced Supervisors to ensure that installation of the Network is carried out to an extremely high standard.

A good example of this during a recent HNA project where NEC supervisors detected a failure to meet the Bristol Highways specification during the reinstatement of various traffic islands across the city centre. Mechanical defects such as punctures on the outer casting of the DHN pipes were identified which could have compromised the insulation and potential loss of energy while operating the system. The NEC Supervisors can communicate such defects to the contractor through Thinkproject, scheduling tests & inspections to allow the contractor to correct them before the end of the defect correction period. This date would also be found on the latest programme issued by the contractor within the platform.

The NEC Supervisors may instruct the contractor to search for a defect if the quality plan has not been followed. As an independent and impartial facilitator, Thinkproject offers efficiency to the NEC supervisor as a formal communication and management system between the parties, keeping the project at the highest quality standards required by the client.

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