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The Isabel Zendal Hospital project is fully aligned with the Thinkproject’s mission of putting the best technological solutions at the service of society to build a better and sustainable world.

Isabel Zendal Hospital


The Isabel Zendal Hospital is the result of collaborative union that within four months has been able to provide the Madrid community new infrastructure to provide an effective response to healthcare, where the patient is at the centre of the equation.

The Hospital is the first of its kind available for permanent use, with the goal of decongesting other patient care during possible epidemics and other emergencies. Although it was built and designed to deal with the 2020 pandemic, the facility is multipurpose and has a versatile design to be able to adapt its facilities to other uses and needs. The hospital was inaugurated on 1st December 2020, and since January 2021 it has been the main recipient of COVID-19 patients in the Community of Madrid. 

  • “The Conurma Group is increasingly committed to the digitalisation of projects and the results obtained prove us right. We believe in the value offered by the implementation of the latest technologies and different quality control systems, which have allowed us to provide creative and innovative solutions that promote sustainability, efficiency, and respect for the environment.”
    The Conurma Group

The Conurma Group is a leading and benchmark company in the technical consulting sector which is oriented towards sustainability. For more than 10 years, it has been advocating advanced digital solutions that have been adopted for all aspects of works to guarantee successful projects.  


The project has been a challenge for all the companies involved, given the short completion times and the emotional impact on the community due to the difficult medical situation – which have added to the complexity that has always faced hospital design. A level of of collaboration and coordination never seen before was required between all the participants, to give a common response in compliance with the most demanding quality standards, supported by innovative technologies.

For this, Thinkproject has been introduced, with collaboration in mind for Conurma. The goal was to allow easy coordination between parties, optimised communication, and the management of all information and documentation of the project, making it accessible to all participants from any device and place. 


Thanks to Document & Communication Management (DOCUMENTS), the teams on site have had the guarantee of being able to work with up-to-date information so that each company could contract and execute on time and avoid any loss of time. With FORMS & PROCESSES, an integrated system of alerts with linking to the relevant information kept all users informed in real time of changes, modifications, or urgent communications, offering an uncomplicated way to access the information or pending activities. 

The technical documentation has been classified based on access rights, and the review and approval flows have had simple rules placed in terms of response times, people in charge and status of the documentation. The general documentation of the project has been structured in such a way that affords ease of access, either for the operation or to review. 


Making a quantitative estimate of the positive impact of the use of digital technology in process management, it is possible to highlight the reduction in time spent locating information, as well as its transmission to relevant parties. With the size of the team and the frequency of communications, 12 hours of work per week have been able to be used more efficiently. 

Always working with the latest version and keeping everyone involved in real-time project communications has prevented common mistakes of planning and making decisions to execute work based on out-of-date information. Estimates are that using these tools has cut these errors by at least 33%. 

12 hours saved

per work week

33% reduction in errors

from a single source of truth

70k sheets of paper

that have not needed to be printed

0.3 tonnes less CO₂ emissions

through digitalisation

A small but crucial step on the road to decarbonisation

The digital nature of the information exchange during the project, especially work plans, has made it possible that printing documents was not necessary for many processes. A simple calculation brings us to 70,000 sheets of paper that have not had to be printed. This number includes the number of sheets created by the staff of the various offices during the revision processes of each discipline, multiplied by the various iterations of each revision and the people involved, as well as the personnel on site who require the latest versions at hand. Based on specialised literature, which transfers the volume of paper saved to the impact on the environment, Conurma Group can be proud of having avoided cutting down 15 trees and using half a million litres of water 

The impact goes deeper, such as by avoiding mistakes leading to better use of construction materials that usually have a significant polluting impact. By being digitised, better coordination of teams and planning has meant optimisation of transport of trucks to work, displacement of the machinery, and together with the saving of paper, its calculated that 0.3 t CO₂ have not been emitted. 

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