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Technip Industries experience better collaboration and improved reactivity times with Thinkproject Document & Field Manager.


For more than 60 years, Technip Energies has supported its clients in the successful completion of large-scale and complex industrial projects worldwide. Technip Energies is a world leader in engineering and technology, particularly in the field of energy transition, and is involved from the design of assets to the commissioning of industrial sites for its customers. The reputation of this leading player is based on 5 strong pillars: Safety, Quality, Sustainability, Integrity and Respect.

The Life Science activities of the Technip Energies group covers; design, construction and qualification of pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities. 400 group employees work in this field, in all the functions and disciplines necessary to complete projects, distributed over different operational centres.

Construction professionals using a tablet
  • “Thinkproject Document & Field Manager has allowed us to gain reactivity in terms of construction project tracking and field engineering. It’s also helped us improve information sharing between the numerous project stakeholders by centralising the construction supervision data (observations, tests) in the 3D model under the VDC COLLABORATION application and thus offering better collaboration.”
    Marick Paris-Cadet
    Deputy Field Engineering Manager, Technip Energies
  • “The construction monitoring functionality was implemented on the project at an advanced stage of construction, so to be effective, it was necessary for the tool to be quickly operational and communicate with the conventional Technip Energies’ tools already in use on the project, to meet the approval of the design and construction teams (construction supervisors, site quality inspectors, technical leads)”
    Marick Paris-Cadet
    Deputy Field Engineering Manager, Technip Energies
  • “The Thinkproject team are available and responsive to our requests, with the willingness to evolve their tool to better meet our needs.”
    Marick Paris-Cadet
    Deputy Field Engineering Manager, Technip Energies
A rapidly operational digital platform


Convinced by the benefits of Thinkproject Document & Field Manager following its deployment on a first site, Technip Energies’ teams decided to use this digital tool on their new pharmaceutical site project in the Hauts de France. Its construction is now well under way. From that point forth, Technip Energies and Thinkproject faced a major challenge: deploying the platform as quickly as possible to all project stakeholders while ensuring its adoption by the on-site teams.

Successful deployment based on key users

Like many industry professionals, Technip Energies was very concerned about bringing on board all project stakeholders once the platform was deployed within the on-site teams. It wanted to ensure digital continuity between all the teams but also to meet the new standards of its end customers: “Many pharmaceutical customers now want to integrate digital solutions into the project phases and then into the operation maintenance phases of their plant. We are often asked about these topics by our clients as early as the bidding/design phases,” says Marick Paris-Cadet.

In order to achieve massive adoption of this new platform, Technip Energies and Thinkproject trained several internal ‘champions’, from all business lines: Quality Inspector, Construction Supervisor, Technical Leads, Commissioning, HSE and Planning teams. Marick explains that “when they saw that these key users were using the platform, the other team members were persuaded to use it too”. Ultimately, Technip Energies’ teams, as well as several subcontractors and even the client, adopted Thinkproject Document & Field Manager. “Our client also purchased licenses to integrate some observations itself via Thinkproject,” adds Marick.

Fluid collaboration through centralised exchanges on the Thinkproject platform

The larger the construction project, the more contractors are involved. Getting all the teams to work together seamlessly becomes one of the challenges of the project. By offering a common tool to all project teams, Technip Energies ensures that all information is centralised within the platform. Centralisation of information is the best way to guarantee total traceability of what happens on the site as it provides a single source of truth.

Time-saving in implementation of business processes


The highest productivity gains have been witnessed in the digitisation of business processes. “Before using Thinkproject Document & Field Manager we printed out our plans, views of the 3D model and took our different documents to the construction site to carry out controls, tests and note observations or nonconformities. Once back in the office, these observations had to be processed into a tracking/reporting system,” says Marick. Thanks to Thinkproject, observations are directly added and saved on the plans and the 3D model, enhanced with photos and comments and transmitted to the relevant people. On-demand reports avoid errors by eliminating repeat input: “We estimate we make a 20% time-saving on reporting activities”.

A platform and services adapted to the needs of its customers

Like other users of the platform, Technip Energies currently partners with Thinkproject on two projects. This trusting relationship is primarily the result of the efficiency of the platform in offering solutions to all construction trades, but it is also the result of the investment of the Thinkproject teams proposed through their service offering. Marick sums up by observing that “good involvement of the Thinkproject teams for the implementation of the tool, as well as for the follow-up throughout the project. The teams are available and responsive to our requests, with a willingness to evolve their tool to better meet our needs.”

Project Director Roland Bianciotto, who initiated the adoption of Thinkproject in late 2020 as a monitoring tool, adds “I discovered it by chance during a conversation. Inspired, I launched a mission to set up this tool on a test basis in November 2020, with the aim of lightly digitising our existing sysetms which were complex to implement on this type of project. One year after deployment, I met with my supervisors and design engineers accompanied with their tablets. They reported they were very satisfied with the tool because of the work time saved, plus, for the user-friendliness of the application, as they can take the 3D model with them on to site. The test has proved conclusive.”

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