Extension of underground line U 5 - Berlin/ Germany

Baku Crystal Hall - Baku/ Azerbaijan

Sluiskil Tunnel - / The Netherlands

Offshore grid connection in the North Sea - / Germany

Exclusive Viennese residential building, Schillerplatz 4 - Vienna/ Austria

International projects and references

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GermanyDefect Management (Acceptance / Warranty)

Optimised defect management for residential construction

Copenhagen/ DenmarkCITYRINGEN Metro Copenhagen

Greater structure for complex processes

Mannheim/ GermanyQ6 Q7 Mannheim

Optimised Real Estate Sales Process

Kraków/ PolandS7 ‘Trasa Nowohucka‘

Organising orders efficiently

San José Chiapa/ MexicoAudi plant

The highest level of automotive production

Vienna/ AustriaTaubergasse 44-46

New Apartments on the Taubergasse